LAMPTRON Fan Controller Touch Review

Modding/Small Mods by stefan @ 2010-11-08

The Fan Controller Touch from LAMPTRON is a nice looking device and allows easy navigation through its touch screen interface, to be able to control the connected fan speeds or see the temperature for each separate channel.

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Introduction, Features and Specifications


At first I would like to thank LAMPTRON for sending us a test sample of their Fan Controller Touch product.



"Lamptron develops and markets the next generation of high performance computer peripherals using the latest technology that enables a new level of interaction between the end-user and their personal computer. Products developed are through a combination of proprietary technology, innovation and ergonomic industrial design. There are three principal business sectors:

  1. PC Gaming products
  2. PC Silence products
  3. PC Modding products

Products are designed and developed by our experienced Reseach and Development Department.Our engineering and R&D staffs specialize in user analysis, material control and industry design. Lamptron not only has expertise in product easy-to-use and product design, but we also plays a vital role in the enhancement of production efficiency and marketing analysis. We are constantly developing new products and technology to meet market demands and to generate new markets for our innovation products.

Our Global success is attributed to three basic visionary attributes:

  1. Continue to offer innovation products which means the products are in the highest quality and innovation.
  2. Providing our global partners with a level of service that is consistent with our premium product range.
Helping our global partners grow, through reliable service, quality products, flexibility and co-operation.This simple philosophy has allowed us to build long standing relationships with global distributors."


CNC milled front panel

Clean and streamlined interface

Streamlined touch functionality to control your fans

Choose between RPM or Voltages and Celsius or Fahrenheit for readout

Set the channel in either Automatic or Manual control to control the fans


Faceplate Color: Black Anodized/Silver Aluminium

Dimension: 148.5mm X 42.5mm X 64.5mm (5.25inch bay)

Screen Dimension: 118mm X 31.5mm

Power Output: Up to 30W per channel

Control Channels: 6

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Comment from kzinti1 @ 2011/02/08
Do these controllers require fans with rpm sensors so RPM and Voltage may be properly displayed or will a 3 pin-2wire connected fan work?
Sorry for reactivating an old thread but I've read quite a few reviews and no fan listing ever mentioned whether these fans had RPM sensors or not.
Comment from Stefan Mileschin @ 2011/02/09
Hello there!

The fan controller will show the RPM for all 3-wire fans (considering that the third wire is not interrupted ), but not for the 2-wire ones. However, with the 2-wire fans it will still show the voltage.
Comment from jmke @ 2011/02/09
depending on fan you're using you might be able to re-activate the RPM feed
Comment from kzinti1 @ 2011/02/09
Thank you very much for your replies.
Comment from Stefan Mileschin @ 2011/02/09
No problem!