MC-007 - Melvine Electronic Switch

Modding/Small Mods by richbastard @ 2002-08-17

Sick of hearing your H?O pump 24/7? Afraid to turn it off because you might forget to turn it back on the next time you use your rig?
Don?t worry, has got the perfect solution for you: the electronic power switch!

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Introduction & Installation

Madshrimps (c)


So, you’ve built yourself a nice little H²O setup? Cools great, quiet, looks awesome… but do you want to let your pump running 24/7? If you pull the plug every time you shut down your rig, you’re bound to forget to turn it back on one day. Believe me, it happened to me twice and it wasn’t fun to see my coolant boiling after 30 minutes. :/ So, until I get a better solution, I let my pump running 24/7. It doesn’t make too much noise, but it slowly heats your coolant (my eheim 1250 drains 10W) so I don’t find it the ideal way to go. But do we have a choice? Yes! (eh, you know this was coming, didn’t you? ;) ). Introducing: Melvines electronic switch!
The what?
The electronic switch. It works very simple: once connected properly, it supplies power to your pump at the same time you power on your pc. Same thing happens when powering down, so your pump only works when necessary. The package includes the switch and a manual:

Madshrimps (c)

How do I install it?
There are 8 connections on the e-switch: 3 for the 220V-in line, 3 for the 220V-out line (eg. pump) and 2 to connect to your PSU. A clearly written manual shows which wire goes where, but for all you with two left hands and a properly functioning brain missing (eh, that includes me), here’s a pic:

Madshrimps (c)
From left to right: 12V|0V - Ground in | ground out - 220V in | 220V in - 220V out | 220V out

When you turn on your pc, the 12V line will close the switch between your 220V line and your pump and it will start to work as well. This happens entirely soundless, because the relay used is an electronic one, not a magnetic (those “click” when turned on/off). Want to see it in action? Click the picture below!

Madshrimps (c)
Connected and ready to go! (right click save as... 1.7mb avi)
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