MC-007 - Melvine Electronic Switch

Modding/Small Mods by richbastard @ 2002-08-17

Sick of hearing your H?O pump 24/7? Afraid to turn it off because you might forget to turn it back on the next time you use your rig?
Don?t worry, has got the perfect solution for you: the electronic power switch!

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Mmmmmkay, sounds simple, why can’t I make it myself?
Hmm.. it’s a electronic switch. It’s fairly simple to make if you know your way around electronics. Although, this e-switch has some nice little perks to it:
- a fuse. Safety first.
- a nice little red led which indicates the power status
- good workmanship
Okay, so why shouldn’t I rush of to the store and buy it?
Well, there’s nothing wrong with the unit itself, but price is a little steep for “just a switch”. It changes owner for 31 euro´s @Melvine. It´s a fair price, but those who are on a tight budget might find that too much for "just a switch". Another downside is the box. It’s a plain grey, plastic box. Not much sex appeal in that is there? It would have been nice if they had put it in an aluminium box, but off course, that wouldn’t have a positive influence on the price, would it? No-one prevents you from modding it though, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. :D

Madshrimps (c)
Hmmm... this box has sexappeal all over itself. Oh yeah baby! ;^)


So, would I recommend it to a friend with a water setup? Unless he’s low on cash, yes I would. If you have to power your pump manually you"re bound to forget it one day (and that may cost you a lot more than this switch), and although my pump is one of the quietest in his kind, I don"t like to listen to it 24/7. This e-switch solves this problem by only letting your pump run when necessary.

- soundless
- fused
- good workmanship
- easy installation
- modding potential
- can be used for other things than a pump, eg. speakers

- price
- ugly grey plastic box
Stick around, because after this switch has been modded, we’re giving it away for free! Thanks to our sponser for supplying this switch.

RB signing out…

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