In-Win X710 Case review

Cases & PSU/Cases by DUR0N @ 2004-02-23

In Win claims they have THE new gamers/modder/HW-enthousiast case, and we?re the first in the Benelux to take a good look at it. You?ll find out soon enough what exactly this case has to offer and how hard the mediocre gamer might like it.

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Inspector Gadget reporting for duty

Time for some serious gadget examination, “Go go Inspector Gadget”

1. The HDD bays are rotated 90°
This makes the HDD connectors more accessible.
Contra Points If you plan to window-mod this case, you' cables will be more visible.

2. The HDD's are mounted on rails
The HDD's can be changed quickly, nice for LAN-people.
Contra Points They are not as firmly attached as with screws, if you move your case a lot the HDD's might be loose in the bays.

Madshrimps (c)

3. A Front LCD
Nice function, gives some info about what's happening inside
Contra Points Cycling trough functions makes a loud beeping noise, which gets irritating after 10 times [Beep Beep Beep]

Madshrimps (c)

3.1. A clock, with alarm
You'll never loose track of time if you watch your case enough (and why wouldn't you?)
The alarm is handy as a reminder, unless you forget to set the alarm off course!
As long as your PC is plugged into the power the clock will be on, so your PC doesn’t have to be running to use it.
It has 12h and 24h time notation.
Contra Points No internal battery, so every time you pull the plug, the clock is reset.

Madshrimps (c)

3.2. Three RPM monitors with RPM controllers
You can throttle three different fans down in 10 steps, lowest is 75% of the full speed.
Contra Points Beep Beep Beep...grmbl

3.3. Two Temperature sensors
You can measure the temperature on two different points inside the case (duh!)
Both °C and °F notation, which is very thoughtful of In-win.
Contra Points You can throw away your Digidoc drive.

4. Fans and air holes;
Fans are nice; they give the needed airflow inside the case.
Contra Points They make noise
Contra Points No dust filters

4.1. One 120mm fan at the back of the case
Ideal for some sweet water-cooling. No more drilling in your case, just a single 120mm radiator and you’re set.
Moves a lot of hot air from the case without creating a whining sound like smaller fans can cause.
Contra Points None

Madshrimps (c)

4.2. Two 80mm fans at the front of the case
They give your HDD's some breathing space.
Contra Points Because of the large grill with small holes, they tend to give the 'vacuum cleaner effect' (extra noise because the air is sucked trough tiny holes)

Madshrimps (c)

Madshrimps (c)

4.3. Air holes at the left side of the case
A good air intake is provided this way.
Contra Points None/ Looks may not be to everyone’s taste

5. A case intrusion switch
You will hear some beeping when your case has been opened.
Good for LAN parties, you'll know if someone has been snooping around inside.
Contra Points not very useful for home use
Contra Points not all motherboards out there support this feature

6. The PCI/AGP card retention mechanism
Nice for LAN people, your cards will stay on their place when moving your case.
Contra Points As most card retention mechanisms, it does not coop with cards bigger then the PCI slot itself (SB Live! 5.1, Promise FastTrak TX4,...) or very thin cards like cheap LAN-controller cards.
Contra Points This function was not mentioned in the manual, had to figure out for myself how it works.

Madshrimps (c)

7. The 5.25" bays can be shielded and locked by a door
You don't have to watch those butt-ugly white CD/DVD drives anymore.
Contra Points Even a 3 year old kid can break this lock open; it's not solid at all.

Madshrimps (c)

Madshrimps (c)

8. Overall functions
The top panel can be removed for easy access.
The front panel can be removed easily.
At the front there are 2 USB ports, microphone out and speaker out.
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