In-Win X710 Case review

Cases & PSU/Cases by DUR0N @ 2004-02-23

In Win claims they have THE new gamers/modder/HW-enthousiast case, and we?re the first in the Benelux to take a good look at it. You?ll find out soon enough what exactly this case has to offer and how hard the mediocre gamer might like it.

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The Final Verdict.

In the end, In-Win built a fine case, with some small flaws. Nothing serious, just things that most people tend to dislike. Then what is so special about this case? First of all: its price. It swaps owner for ~€130. Which is slightly more expensive than other cases but for this price you get a case already equipped with a 120mm and 2x80mm fans and a built-in Digidoc. Quite cheap don't you think?

Let’s put al the major Pro's and Cons together:

Many gadgets
Good price for what you get
Sturdy design
Few sharp edges
Easy to use

Contra Points No removable motherboard tray
Contra Points [Beep Beep Beep]
Contra Points No battery for the clock
Contra Points Front panel door is easy to break

As you can see, the Pro's outweigh the Con's. If In-Win redesigns the PCB that controls the LCD so the beeping can be disabled (without soldering ;) ) and add a battery to it, they are close to making a perfect case!

I would like to thank Colorcase and Roy from In-Win for giving us the opportunity to review this case,

I would also like to not thank my digicam for failing on me (thank JMke for the pics!)

DUR0N over & out!

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