ARCTIC COOLING MX-4 Thermal Compound Review

Cooling/Thermal Compounds by stefan @ 2010-08-24

The MX-4 thermal compound from ARCTIC COOLING is their latest product released to the masses, in this article it is compared to MX-3 and MX-2. The MX-4 claims to improve performance, easier to apply and retains a good price/performance balance. Time to put their claims to the test.

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Features, Specifications

  • Easy to apply
  • Optimal thermal conductivity
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Electrically non-conductive
  • Non-capacitive/non-curing/non-corrosive/non-bleeding

Detailed features:

Non-Metallic Thermal Compound
The ARCTIC MX-4 is a metal-free and non-electrical conductive which eliminates any risks of causing short circuit, adding more protection to the CPU and VGA cards.

Unmatched Performance
The ARCTIC MX-4’s consistency is engineered for simplicity of application, superior thermal conductivity and high durability. With its new formula, the ARCTIC MX-4 guarantees exceptional heat dissipation from the components and supports the stability needed to push your system to its limit.

Non-curing and no bleeding means longer service life of the compound. In contrast to metal and silicon compounds, the ARCTIC MX-4 does not show decreasing performance over time. It does not need to be reapplied and has a durability of at least 8 years.

CPU, GPU, power semiconductor components

Thermal Conductivity: 8.5W/mK
Viscosity: 870 poise
Density: 2.5 g/cm3
Net weight: 4g

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