Nanotherm - Beat the Heat

Cooling/Thermal Compounds by KeithSuppe @ 2003-09-06

HEAT = DEATH. The number one cause of performance degradation and product failure is poor heat dissipation. ESG Assoc. or Nanotherm has but one goal, to engineer the most effective thermal transfer products available.

In this review we will show you the difference between Artic Silver 3, Artic Alumina, Nanotherm Blue, Nanotherm Silver XTC, and finally Nanotherm PCM+.

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Madshrimps (c)

In the small business community millions are spent yearly to maintain and correct system anomalies. When Servers are down, this can break a company over a period of hours. 100% stability and reliability is the cornerstone of the Server market. Something as inexpensive as Thermal Interface Material or TIM (albeit just a fraction of your budget) can in and of itself, determine your company's profitability, or potential failure. How and Why? Every Microprocessor, albeit the CPU or Chipset upon which this device communicates with the system, produces a tremendous amount of heat.

If this heat isn't rapidly and effectively dissipated your system will experience errors. These errors will continue to occur growing exponentially if the problem is left unresolved. And if left unresolved a processor will cook itself to death. The number one reason processors experience errors is not necessarily software related, but temperature related. You may spend millions bringing in System Analyst's, who are unequipped to fix the problem. They may find ad hoc work-arounds, but that is exactly what they are. You cannot circumvent the problem of heat.

Thermal paste due to its low cost is often overlooked, and underdeveloped. That is, many companies are producing TIM's from obsolete formulas for today’s microprocessors. Today’s processors are packing ever larger amounts of circuits into smaller silicon real-estate, and therefore generating more heat then ever before. It's a very dangerous practice to cool a 2003 processor using a TIM formula invented in the 80's. Save your company, save yourself.

Look at the expression on your next System Specialist's face, when you ask what type of TIM he/she is using? If he doesn't mention either silver particles (which in itself still isn't adequate) or Nanotherm, find another specialist.
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