Corsair Hydro H110i GT CPU Cooler Review

Cooling/Water Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2015-02-10

Corsair is one of the leading brands in the All In One liquid cooling solutions market. By teaming up with Asetek and Cool IT they are able to use the latest technology and add to these provided cooling solutions their own little trademarks. Lately the AIO market is closing the gap on the Do it Yourself market performance wise. The generated noise to deliver the best cooling can still be somewhat over the top, though by introducing the 140mm fan versions a better performance versus noise ratio was achieved. Nevertheless in this market one can never rest on its laurels. Other brands alike Fractal Design and LEPA introduced some interesting products that gave similar specced Hydro products a decent run for their money. Though Corsair is back in 2015 with revamped versions of the H80i, H100i and H110. Today we test the flagship model the H110i GT. Later this month the samples of the H80i GT and the H100i GTX should become available.

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At CES 2015 Corsair introduced to the grand public their latest trio of All In One liquid cooling solutions: the H80i GT, the H100i GTX and the H110i GT. In the below chart one can take a quick glance of the latest Hydro breed. All featuring an improved cold plate and pump design to improve the efficiency versus older designs. The new dual PWM fans deliver higher static pressure for better cooling performance. Via the LINK software one can fully customize the fan profiles, thus also the noise level. Last but not least the mounting system has been simplified for easier and faster installation.



The latest flagship installment in the Corsair Hydro series is the H110i GT AIO cooler. In a few words one can best compare it as a souped up H110 with a Cool IT inspired Pump unit, sporting better performing high static pressure 140mm fans and as with all the I series the end-user is able to monitor temperatures and fine tune the fan speeds via the free downloadable Corsair LINK software. The box art received a small face lift, though the design is directly recognizable as one of the popular Hydro series.


The packaging remains of a high standard, the pump & radiator unit are well packed and protected for heavy duty transport. This H110i GT is the first 280 version from Cool IT for the Corsair stable, expectations as always are high as Fractal Design has released some top notch products. Though price level wise these are pretty expensive, mainly due to the usage of a copper radiator and being upgradable thanks to the interchangeable fittings. The Hydro series, no matter the version will remain a closed loop solution, thus zero maintenance versions. Another strong point is that the H110i GT is backup up by a 5 year warranty.



The new refined pump housing design is one of the things that is directly noticeable from the previously revised Hydro I series; also a new type of low evaporation tubing is used, adding that extra professional touch. The tubing diameter and length remain unchanged in comparison to other Cool IT releases.


A closer look at the cooling/pump unit reveals that the dimensions of the copper cooling plate and entire pump housing remain unchanged, though Corsair claims interior refinements to the cooling base and pump design warrant a higher cooling efficiency. The link connector on the side allows the end user to hook up the pump unit to an onboard motherboard USB port. Via the LINK Software one can adjust the RGB lighting of the Corsair logo, load preset performance values, monitor temperatures of other devices,... the feature list is endless. To sum it up: fine-tuning the H110i GT to your own personal preferences is fully at your disposal via a few mouse clicks.



All Corsair Hydros come with a pre-applied thermal pad, providing great thermal contact, though after a remount one is obliged to by an after market thermal paste or pad solution.



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