Fractal Arc Midi R2 Computer Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2013-09-13

Swedish company Fractal Design was also present at the Computex 2013 trade show in Taipei Taiwan. We saw some nice watercooled enclosures and this triggered our desire to review another one of their cases. The Fractal Arc Midi R2 is designed from the ground up to maximize airflow, thus main objective is keeping the most demanding hardware at cool operating temperatures. Three 140mm fans should take care of that goal Hassle free watercooling installation is also warranted, supporting up to two 240mm RADs in a mid tower case is quite impressive.  On paper the ARC Midi R2 has got a lot to offer. Time to explore another mid tower creation from Fractal Design.

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Innards Explored Part II

The front and top bezel are easily removable, either by using slight force for the front panel or unscrewing two thumbscrews for the top panel. Both feature a build in dust filter. The front panel dust filter pops out after pressing its top part. The top panel filter is a fixed version.





The bottom dust filter, below the PSU easily slides out. The ARC Midi R2 rest on four well dimensioned rubber feet.


The ARC Midi R2 includes three identical 140mm fans. One in the front panel, one in the rear and one positioned off center in the top of the case. These silent rated fans all feature a hydraulic bearing and spin max at 1000 RPM. The max airflow is rated at 66 CFM and the noise level should be maxed around 18.5 dBa. Similar as with the  backplates and HDD trays, the white fan blades add to that special touch of class look. Nice feature is that the fan cables all are sleeved versions.





In the front, the option exists to add a 2nd 120/140mm fan. In the top part, there's room for two extra 120/140mm Fans. In the bottom one 120/140mm Fan can be installed.

The front panel interface includes two USB3.0 ports, the audio in/out jack, a power button, a miniscule reset button and a three-step fan controller (7-9-12V) able to steer up to three fans.




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Comment from Teemto @ 2013/09/13
Mooie starkke kast.

Jamaar jamaar, gamen op de lanparty. Niks van, benchen ja!
Besides wat gaan wij daar als oude zakken nog doen tussen al dat jong geweld