Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by jmke @ 2013-02-04

Logitech launched a mouse aimed at MMO gamers, combining a keypad with an ergonomic mouse design into a quite unique product, dubbed the G600

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Introduction and Specifications

After my recent roundup of gaming mice Logitech send me a higher end product up their G series line. The G600 landed on my doorstep with a bang, introducing an unique button layout and crystal clear white color.



The white G600  is build with high quality materials and features some impressive specifications. Logitech lists a ton of specs at the side of the box, some of them easy to verify, others hard to measure.



Worthy of note is the DPI range of 200 up to 8200! A total weight of 133 gram, not adjustable. The USB cable is 2 meter which is long enough for most large desks. Logitech lists durability numbers for the feet: 250km. On my office PC I've installed "MousoTron" which tracks distance travelled (amongst other things), after 59 days it says I've moved the mouse for a total of 23km, at this rate the average lifetime of the mouse feet on the G600 to be almost 2 years, using them 8 hrs per day. Not bad!



Inside the box you'll find a small user manual for a quick setup, although the mouse works fine plug-and-play without any additional software, installing their software is required if you want to use the twelve thumb buttons.

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