Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by jmke @ 2013-02-04

Logitech launched a mouse aimed at MMO gamers, combining a keypad with an ergonomic mouse design into a quite unique product, dubbed the G600

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Closer Look at the G600

G600 is a right handed mouse without exception, the 12 thumb buttons make it quite clear, there is also a pinkie button next to the right-mouse clicker that makes this mouse unusable for lefties. Right handed gamers are in for a treat though, the ergonomic design is excellent and won't wear you out after long gaming sessions.



Looking from the top you can see G7/G8 buttons, the scroll wheel is four dimensional, up<>down, left<>right. That makes 9 possible actions just from the top. At the right side is the real unique feature, a 12-button pad with inclination for easily finding the right one. Total is now 21 buttons. The bottom reveals two huge mouse feet, and not much more...



The plastic has a gritty feel to it, you won't slide of the surface easily, making it quite "sweaty palm" proof for longer game sessions.



Once powered on the buttons on the right light up for extra visibility in the dark. The color can be chosen from a white gamut, in the movie below you can see the lightening setting set to "light cycle":



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