Cooler Master Silencio 650 Mid Tower Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2013-01-11

Today we introduce to you the flagship of Cooler Master's Silencio range: The 650 model. We already saw the prototype at Cebit 2012 and the specification list was impressive. Cooler Master promised us an  integration of a fan controller, a hot swappable bay, a selection option of the boot drive. In a typical Cooler Master design and retailing at a moderate price tag. It's predecessor, the Silenco 550 was a decent silent case, but had a few shortcomings, especially the cable management was a rough ride due to the small clearance between the motherboard tray and the side panel and a bit too small cutouts in the motherboard panel. However for a 70 euro case it was a great addition to the silent Silencio enclosure range for Cooler Master. The new Silencio 650 model, due to the extra features retails at plus minus 110 euros, time to stop the chit chat and open the box.

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Cooler Master remains loyal to their box art. In stead off dull brown cardboard boxes, Cooler Master opts for bright pictures of their included enclosure.






It's hard to define the cooler Master design, but you can spot the work of the design team, always adding a nice frill to enhance the look. Looks are important, but the interior has to be up to the task to house modern hardware, be practical to work in and in this case silent operation has to be warranted.




When opening the front panel, we spot the presence of the noise dampening material. The front panel door is locked via four magnets. Let's explore the innards.

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