Fractal Define R4 Mid Tower Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2013-01-07

Swedish Company Fractal Design is renown for their sleek enclosures. In typical Scandinavian style their product range can best be described as: A minimalistic yet striking design, where less is more. Quality, functionality and pricing go hand in hand. Today we introduce one of their latest creations: The Fractal Design Define R4 enclosure. A mid tower case with main focus on silent operation, yet no compromises are made on configurability and functionality as the review will highlight. The Define R4 is the successor of the older R3 design. Now sporting two Silent 140mm iso 120mm version fans, improved cable management, two extra USB3.0 front panel ports and a more flexible design regarding big CPU coolers and ultra long power supplies and graphics cards. Let's unpack Fractal's latest creation.

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Like many other manufacturers, Fractal keeps the box art restricted to a bare minimum. The case however is well protected inside the box by the styrofoam inserts.





Once unpacked we discover a sleek designed case. No bulky transformer look-a-like, this case just radiates class. The no frills design is logic as this case is targeted at those that prefer silence and functionality over bells and whistles.




Even tough the concept of this enclosure is silent operation, Fractal Design offers the end user numerous option to seriously improve the airflow of this R4 case.



By opting for a black/white theme, achieved by using white backplates, white HDD trays and white fan blades, the R4 case really stands out from the crowd. Two other color schemes are available besides the reviewed Titanium Grey version: Black Pearl and Arctic white.




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