Synology® DiskStation DS213air NAS Review

Storage/NAS by stefan @ 2012-10-31

The new DS213air NAS from Synology is quite an interesting product, offering a WiFi interface that can be used as a wireless hotspot, a wireless router or to join a wireless network. Besides the good performance on wired LAN, we can also enjoy the DSM 4 interface, which is really easy to use. The price, however, is a bit high so we would recommend it more in small business environments rather than for homes.

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A Closer Look Part II

The Guide we have just mentioned contains the necessary steps to get the NAS up and running:




The DS213air is also wrapped inside a foam material, for extra protection:




The color scheme of the DS213air is completely different from what we have seen at the DS413, DS412+ or even the small DS112+:




The front side is now white, mixed with a dark grey area on the right:




The status LEDs are placed on the top right side, with the power button further down:





We also get to see the logo on the lower left side:




As the front, the laterals are made from shiny white plastic material, with ventilation grills where the Synology logo is placed:




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