Synology® DiskStation DS213air NAS Review

Storage/NAS by stefan @ 2012-10-31

The new DS213air NAS from Synology is quite an interesting product, offering a WiFi interface that can be used as a wireless hotspot, a wireless router or to join a wireless network. Besides the good performance on wired LAN, we can also enjoy the DSM 4 interface, which is really easy to use. The price, however, is a bit high so we would recommend it more in small business environments rather than for homes.

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A Closer Look Part III

A quiet 92mm fan is placed on the rear along with additional connectivity ports:




Besides the 2xUSB 3.0 ports, one RJ45 and the DC-IN 12V jack, we will also find a small WiFi On/Off button, a Reset hole and also a Kensington port:




The bottom side has a central sticker which shows the opening procedure, 4 black rubber feet and an additional ventilation grill:





When looking at the insides of the unit, we'll remember the DS112+ internals, which means that we do not have those nice and easy to use plastic trays:




The dual bays are numbered on the side of the cage with small stickers:




Here we will also find the 3-pin fan connector plugged into the motherboard:




When looking more carefully onto the SATA Data/Power connectors, we will see that the one meant for HDD2 is placed on a separate daughterboard:




If we need to check out the internals, we must be careful when lifting the board after removing the four screws from the chassis, in order not to break the WiFi antenna wires:



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