Synology® DiskStation DS213air NAS Review

Storage/NAS by stefan @ 2012-10-31

The new DS213air NAS from Synology is quite an interesting product, offering a WiFi interface that can be used as a wireless hotspot, a wireless router or to join a wireless network. Besides the good performance on wired LAN, we can also enjoy the DSM 4 interface, which is really easy to use. The price, however, is a bit high so we would recommend it more in small business environments rather than for homes.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The DS213air NAS from Synology is shipped inside a box having white/green theme and not the usual blue we were used to at the previous products:




On the sides, along with the Synology logo we will also find a sticker with more product details like Hardware, Features, Wireless Specifications and Package Contents:





Also here we will find some of the NAS main functions:




As the last products we have reviewed from Synology, the internal components are carefully packed inside separate boxes:




The bundle is located in two separate enclosures and is composed from:


-power lead


-power adapter

-UTP cable

-necessary screws





The power adapter is manufactured by EDACPOWER ELEC and we have on the output 12V at 5.42A:




On the other end of the adapter we will find the DC jack plug:




Besides a small leaflet (GPL) and the Quick Guide, we will also get the installation disk:



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