EPIC GEAR Meduza HOST Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2012-06-13

The Epic Gear Meduza Gaming Mouse features HDST (hybrid dual-sensor technology), an ergonomic shape and 6 fully programmable buttons. The mouse can be set to operate in three different modes (optical, HOST, laser), each with its own DPI settings. It can also store 5 different profiles thanks to the 128KB onboard memory and the LED light effects can be completely turned off via the software interface.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

Golden Emperor International Limited have sent us another interesting product, this time from their new series of gaming accessories and to be more specific, the Meduza mouse. This product comes packed inside a red/black themed cardboard enclosure, with a cutout in front, representing the medusa’s mouth through which we can see the mouse clearly:




On the back side of the box, we will see a small description and the mouse specifications; another cutout is present here too, which shows the back side of the mouse:




Logos of the supported OSes are to be found on a lateral, along with extra information about the manufacturer:




For extra security, the manufacturer has sealed the box on both ends:




After the removal of the outside packaging, we will discover that the mouse is further protected inside a transparent plastic mold:




The installation disk is not located inside the usual envelope, but is kept fixed in a reserved area on the back:




The initial button functions and the quick installation steps are mentioned on the back leaflet:




The mouse comes with an ergonomic shape and a combination of shiny plastic and rubberized surfaces:




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