EPIC GEAR Meduza HOST Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2012-06-13

The Epic Gear Meduza Gaming Mouse features HDST (hybrid dual-sensor technology), an ergonomic shape and 6 fully programmable buttons. The mouse can be set to operate in three different modes (optical, HOST, laser), each with its own DPI settings. It can also store 5 different profiles thanks to the 128KB onboard memory and the LED light effects can be completely turned off via the software interface.

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A Closer Look Part II

The Epic Gear logo stands in the back and lights up when the mouse is connected:




A smaller Meduza product logo is found a little to the right, and is also LED lit, with the same color as the EG logo:




The left side features an “Extended Thumb Rest” for extended support during long gaming sessions; also here we will find 3 extra buttons and a LED bar, representing the current selected DPI level:




The right side does not have additional programmable buttons and has support for the ring finger and an enhanced pinkie grip:




The frontal scroll wheel is LED lighted on the sides and the left button features extra concavity for more comfort:




One extra programmable button is located near the scroll wheel:




The real magic begins when we flip the mouse on the side and discover that it features not one, but two sensors, something we haven’t seen at other products tested in the past. By using the switch on the back, we can cycle through the three available modes (Laser, Optical, HDST). The minimal lift-off distance is 1mm for extreme precision and the tracking speed is up to 200ips when in HDST mode. Thanks to the powerful ARM32-bit Cortex M3 CPU, an advanced algorithm logic is implemented for restraining common problems like jitter, skips or drifts:




The bottom side of the mouse is also equipped with “Ultra Swift Big-Size Teflon Feet”:




The cable is X-braided for extra durability:




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