EPIC GEAR Meduza HOST Gaming Mouse Review

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The Epic Gear Meduza Gaming Mouse features HDST (hybrid dual-sensor technology), an ergonomic shape and 6 fully programmable buttons. The mouse can be set to operate in three different modes (optical, HOST, laser), each with its own DPI settings. It can also store 5 different profiles thanks to the 128KB onboard memory and the LED light effects can be completely turned off via the software interface.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Overview:


The Perfect Gaming-Ergonomic Design - Co-developed by pro gamers, every line, every curve and every concave on the Meduza was thoroughly studied and analyzed for the one purpose of extreme support and comfort for even the most hardcore gamers after long hours of play time. The gaming focused ergonomic design makes Meduza an extension of your hand forming an epic weapon against your opponents.


Extended Thumb Rest for extended support even after long play time



Ring finger support and enhanced pinkie grip for ultimate grip and comfort



Index finger rest with extra concavity for precise control and comfort


World's 1st HDST™ Hybrid Dual Sensor Technology Gaming Mouse

Meduza is equipped with not one, but two sensors, one being laser and the other being optical. EpicGear has managed to combine the advantages of the two types of sensor onto one platform, thus providing user with lightening fast laser speed (up to 6000dpi) and extremely stable optical precision (jitter-free). Meduza is ideal for all types of game and any sensor preference. Simply choose the desired type of sensing mode on the back of Meduza for Laser, Optical or HDST™.


Dare your opponents to aggravate MeduZa and she stares right back with HDST™, petrifying anyone who stands in your way!




Why fitting two types of sensor onto one mouse?


The HDST™ Difference.


The conventional gaming mouse is fitted with either a laser senor or an optical sensor and the two different sensor types are preferred by different groups of gamer who play different types of game such as first-person-shooting a.k.a. FPS or real-time-strategy a.k.a. RTS.


Such specific preference on sensor type when it comes to different types of game are for good reasons. These are the pros and cons of the two different sensor types.


Product Specifications:


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