Corsair Carbide 500R Arctic White Edition Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2012-01-24

A while back we reviewed the Corsair 400R Carbide series case. The Carbide series being Corsairs entry level case lineup, is not the cheapest, yet still remaining affordable cases. However no cut backs on build quality, design and features are made. The 400R was a pretty solid case, but there's another, more advanced version in the Carbide series.  The 500R is the bigger brother of the previously tested 400R. Sporting a beefy 200mm side fan, 3 step fan controller, removable HDD bays and some little extra refinements on the case design. Retailing at about 20 euros more than the 400R, we try to figure out if the 500R is worth it's money.


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Exploration Continued

The top grill needs a gentle press to pop open. Similar action is required to secure it back into position. 




The powersupply is damped by 4 rubber grommets. The PSU dust filter is easily removable as it can slide. You can spot the position to mount another 120/140mm fan.




Time to focus on the two removable Hard Drive cages. It only takes 4 thumbscrews and some sliding action to remove an entire bay. This leaves room for ultra long graphics cards. With both trays installed you are limited to maximum 316mm long GPU cards. With the top bay removed, you can install up to 452mm cards in length.






As previously mentioned up to 3 HDD's per bay. Holes are foreseen for SSD installation on every plastic tray.




Let's get this case filled with hardware...





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