Corsair Carbide 500R Arctic White Edition Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2012-01-24

A while back we reviewed the Corsair 400R Carbide series case. The Carbide series being Corsairs entry level case lineup, is not the cheapest, yet still remaining affordable cases. However no cut backs on build quality, design and features are made. The 400R was a pretty solid case, but there's another, more advanced version in the Carbide series.  The 500R is the bigger brother of the previously tested 400R. Sporting a beefy 200mm side fan, 3 step fan controller, removable HDD bays and some little extra refinements on the case design. Retailing at about 20 euros more than the 400R, we try to figure out if the 500R is worth it's money.


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More Exploration

The front panel can be popped off quite easily. No need for screwdrivers or other tools. As you can see in the below pictures decent dust filters are installed. Similar filters on top and the bottom off the case. Sadly no dust filter on the sidepanel.





If we look at the innards of the case we see the big cutout to facilitate CPU cooler installation. 4 big cutouts, protected by rubber to allow easy cable routing. If you make a cable mess in this case, it's entirely your fault or just utter lazyness.




Another shot of the rear fan and the room to install Corsairs Hydro100 on top. We also spot ventilated rear brackets and four cutouts for water tubing.




Just above the PSU, another small cutout for routing your audio, USB cables from behind the mobo tray. On top we have a similar hole, for routing the 8 pin CPU power cable. Indeed Corsair has got you entirely covered !




The 6 Hard Drive trays are divided over two removable Hard Drive cages. The top 5 1/2 inch drives can be locked without the use of any tool. Just slide them in and they are securely locked into position. No screws involved at all.




The entire case rests on 4 rubber feet. The front ones however seem a bit fragile. Our first sample had one broken, but noone knows what really happened to that case, while being shipping.




All screws are seperately packed, a USB3.0 to USB2.0 adaptor is included for the motherboards that are not USB3.0 onboard connector equipped.





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