Seasonic Platinum 1000 Watt PSU Preview

Cases & PSU/Power Supplies by petervandamned @ 2011-11-28

Famous PSU manufacturer Seasonic released fully modular 860 and 1000 Watt power supply in their Platinum series. both 80PLUS® Platinum Certified. Madshrimps received the 1000w version and will put this PSU, in this review, through its paces, testing it under normal home situations. Seasonic also warrants this PSU for a full 7 years, pretty impressive in my book. In an upcoming review, we will head off to the Cooler Master Lab for a more detailed high end PSU's roundup. So stay tuned as we will do a total of 7 1000W and higher power supply in on tech review. But first let's introduce the Seasonic Platinum 1000Watt...

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The Seasonic 1000 Watt PSU comes in a big, fully sealed box, sporting a nice image of the included PSU. Weight is 4140 grams, meaning we have a serious heavy PSU here at the lab. Mostly weight is a good indication of the quality of a PSU.

80+ at the right corner.


Turning the box we see more about the 80+ certified:

Manufacturer                         Model Number Form Factor Wattage    20%   50%   100%    Rating

Sea Sonic Electronics Co., Ltd. SS-1000XP      ATX12V       1000      91,51    92,54 89,67    Platinum according to 

But as an end user we really like the 7 years warranty! Amazing !


Inside, we can see from left to right a little black velt bag protecting the PSU. On the right, a little double pouch with the modular (aka removable) cables.



Clearly marked Seasonic, a touch of class


And what do have here?


Doesn't this looks great ? Everyone has to admit this is a very nicely designed PSU. But that's just the exterior, it's ofcourse on the inside what matters the most.

So lets dig in deeper...


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