Seasonic Platinum 1000 Watt PSU Preview

Cases & PSU/Power Supplies by petervandamned @ 2011-11-28

Famous PSU manufacturer Seasonic released fully modular 860 and 1000 Watt power supply in their Platinum series. both 80PLUS® Platinum Certified. Madshrimps received the 1000w version and will put this PSU, in this review, through its paces, testing it under normal home situations. Seasonic also warrants this PSU for a full 7 years, pretty impressive in my book. In an upcoming review, we will head off to the Cooler Master Lab for a more detailed high end PSU's roundup. So stay tuned as we will do a total of 7 1000W and higher power supply in on tech review. But first let's introduce the Seasonic Platinum 1000Watt...

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A really close look

Besides the Sanyo Denki - San Ace silent fan on the top:


We spot the power outlet and the Power on/off button:



This side give us the information about the model, S/N number and all kind of official certifications required for import and electrical rules.

And the AC input / DC outputs on most PSUs are nicely listed :



And :



But we go to the most important section of the PSU, the connector side.

 WOW this is really great.


On the back of the Platinum 1000 PSU:

  1. 1x 18Pin MB + 1x 10Pin MB:  These 2 are needed for the MB's 24 Pin connector
  2. 6x 6Pin IDE & SATA:  For use with peripherals such as HDD, optical drives, etc.
  3. 1x 8Pin CPU:  For ATX 12V or EPS CPU
  4. 3x 12Pin PCIe:  For use for up to 3 SLI cards (       
    1. nVidia only approved the Platinum 1000W for 3Way SLI applications.
    2. If end user wants to use this PSU with a Quad setup, which is not advised. Requiring 8x power connectors, then they can contact Seagate to get an additional SLI connector.
    3. There are more and more Quad SLI that only needs 4x power connectors so theoretically, 2x PSU PCIe connectors will be enough. 
  5. 1x 12Pin CPU/PCIe:  For use for dual CPU or PCIe


Plenty to connect and without already integrated cables you can only plug in the cables you really need.


Time to void the warranty and open up the Seasonic case

This part holds the Sanyo Denki 120 mm fan, the San Ace 120.



But more interesting is the PCB housing all the main electrical components :



Hello city called Seasonic 1000w. A small bus tour brings us among some CM chokes, Y & X caps, a MOV, thermistor with heatsink, electromagnetic relays, bridge heatsinked rectifiers, mosfets and more unknown buildings. The streets are really nice, made of solder points and nicely clean. If you don't have any clue about those previously mentioned parts. Just retain their names and look for a more detailed scope in the upcoming High end PSU Roundup article.


Let explain the cables ->

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