MSI GT780 Gaming Laptop Review

Mobile/Laptops & Netbooks by leeghoofd @ 2011-09-22

Portable gaming power has always raised a few questions in my head. Mostly laptops are limited in processor and graphics power. Let alone that the cooling is not as optimised as the desktop variants. Last year at Cebit I already saw some nice specifications amongst the acclaimed gaming notebooks. With the arrival of the Sandybridge processors a whole new era of computing was unleashed. High frequency, low power consumption and all in all being able to operate at acceptable temperatures. The mobile variants aren't any different. I own a Sandy bridge based laptop since a few months and it still amases me how smooth it works with all sort of applications. Plus the  the battery duration is over 4 hours. And it's just a cheap mainstream Acer notebook. Absolutely nothing fancy like todays MSI GT780 Gaming laptop. The MSI crew promised smooth gameplay, even in the latest hot game titles. Being an avid online gamer, I just couldn't resist to ask for a review sample.

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The innards

The shot from the back , shows the ventilated parts of this gaming laptop. Both the hard drives have got precut cooling holes for a bit better airflow to keep things cooler then most laptop designs. Two Western digital 750Gb Scorpio Black hard drives are hooked up in a RAID 0 Array, for very fast loading times of your Operating System and games.




Access to the innards is pretty easy, by just removing a zillion of screws. Below we spot the cooling solution of the MSI GT780. Two beefy heatpipes for the CPU and 3 for the GTX560M. The fan that has to keep the airflow going is a 12Volt 0.36ampere version. Being pretty silent when the laptop is being used for daily stuff, but once you game or select the fast fan speed setting it's noise becomes more distinguishable.






The Nvidia GTX560M with 1.5Gb of GDDR5 onboard is a pretty polyvalent mobile GPU solution. As you can see the GPU is easily upgradable in the future. On the right a close up shot of the inmense heatpipe design to cool down the graphics core and it's rams.




Most laptops have only one rear or side exhaust. This designed for gamers by gamers laptop has got two for maximum cooling capacity. If it all pays off will be tested on the following pages.




Some more shots of the included rucksack and the MSI gaming mouse. The latter was not tested as a gamer I only stick to one model to keep that comfortable feel and same responseness.





The gaming mouse can be adjusted to your specific needs via a software utility, plus the numerous macro options should leave no option open.

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