MSI GT780 Gaming Laptop Review

Mobile/Laptops & Netbooks by leeghoofd @ 2011-09-22

Portable gaming power has always raised a few questions in my head. Mostly laptops are limited in processor and graphics power. Let alone that the cooling is not as optimised as the desktop variants. Last year at Cebit I already saw some nice specifications amongst the acclaimed gaming notebooks. With the arrival of the Sandybridge processors a whole new era of computing was unleashed. High frequency, low power consumption and all in all being able to operate at acceptable temperatures. The mobile variants aren't any different. I own a Sandy bridge based laptop since a few months and it still amases me how smooth it works with all sort of applications. Plus the  the battery duration is over 4 hours. And it's just a cheap mainstream Acer notebook. Absolutely nothing fancy like todays MSI GT780 Gaming laptop. The MSI crew promised smooth gameplay, even in the latest hot game titles. Being an avid online gamer, I just couldn't resist to ask for a review sample.

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Audio and even more features

Now this MSI 780GT gaming notebook it's not just a brute powerfull gaming notebook. The MSI engineers opted to contact Danish loudspeaker manufacturer Dynaudio. With over 30 years of experience, these guys build the best setup possible being used by top musicians, movie makers,... a big plus on any laptop to have a great sound experience out of the box.




Not stopping at just including 2 loudspeakers, MSI went flatout and installed a woofer on the bottom for that extra immersion feel when gaming or watching a movie. Clear, crisp  and authentic sound experience awaits it's user.



Great Sound, checked. Most basic laptop or desktop keyboards have issues when pressing simultaneously multiple key combinations. Either the response is too slow , or not even excecuted. To avoid this is where a renowned gaming products firm as Steelseries come into play. Being known in the gaming community for their flashy, durable and ultra responsive keyboards , mice, headsets and mouse pads. The GT780 keyboard is designed to not let you down in the heat of the battle.


I think the above picture tells the tale. Optimised for true gaming pleasure ! The touchpad is the only negative point I could find on this laptop. Being a bit stubborn sometimes when pressing the clicking buttons or when trying to scroll. When gaming you can quickly disable the touchpad by pressing the nifty button on the right picture.




To top it all off, how about keyboard illumination ? Some like it, some don't, but it makes this laptop really stand out from the crowd. MSI included a very easy software to adjust the colour combination, the way it all glows,... Up to 1000 color combinations are possible and 5 modes are selectable : normal mode, gaming mode ( only illuminates the most used keys), breathing mode, wave mode and dual colour mode. I made some pictures ( they don't do 100% justice to the LEDs but it gives you already an idea what to expect )




As with most high end laptops there are different hotkeys available. Like Wireless/Bluetooth function on/off. Yet again MSI adapted a few on the demand of the gaming community. How about a Turbo function (P1 key) ? Clocking up your systems hardware for a few extra frames per second. And how does extra cooling sound to you ?




Time to install some testing software to see what this beauty can really do...





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