Corsair Carbide 400R Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2011-08-19

Corsair has established itself quite nicely into the market of high end cases with their Obsedian series. Immediately compting with brands, that have been manufacturing cases for ages. Due to the high quality build and included features the price level was pretty elevated. Though Corsair is back with a vengeance. Targetting the sub 100 euro market now with it's latest Carbide series cases. It's main rivals probably will be from Coolermaster with it's legendary CM690 series. Or the newer but also insane popular HAF and Storm cases. Again not an easy task for the Corsair development team to design a case that looks slick, yet build of high quality components and including top notch features. Biggest issue is to keep the price at an affordable level. Time to introduce you to the Carbide 400R.

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Test results :

We overclock the good old 1090T Thuban to 4000Mhz ( 20 x 200HT clock ) at 1.42Vcore. Then let the system warm up during half an hour and write down the idle temps of CPU, motheboard chipset and GPU.  Then launch Prime 95 (small) for an hour. Temps are monitored and logged by AIDA64 software and Coretemp software.



The Corsair Carbide 400R directly competes with the 2 Coolermaster offerings we have tested. Thanks to the great air flow, created by the two front 120mm fans and the rear 120mm fan. On top of that, the HD cage is well designed and doesn't hinder the flow much, due to the large openings. How do the motherboard temps look like ?




Similar outcome as with the CPU temps. Great airflow means appropriate cooling and the hot chipsets of our AMD based 980FX will apreciate it. Optional fans can be installed in numerous positions to drop them temps even more. GPU wise top 3 spot again. Not much to say, if it's good it is good.




Noise wise the case is out of the box very quiet. This thanks to mild spinning fans, plus most vibrations being damped by the rubber grommets.



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