Corsair Carbide 400R Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2011-08-19

Corsair has established itself quite nicely into the market of high end cases with their Obsedian series. Immediately compting with brands, that have been manufacturing cases for ages. Due to the high quality build and included features the price level was pretty elevated. Though Corsair is back with a vengeance. Targetting the sub 100 euro market now with it's latest Carbide series cases. It's main rivals probably will be from Coolermaster with it's legendary CM690 series. Or the newer but also insane popular HAF and Storm cases. Again not an easy task for the Corsair development team to design a case that looks slick, yet build of high quality components and including top notch features. Biggest issue is to keep the price at an affordable level. Time to introduce you to the Carbide 400R.

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Test system

Again time to build in our (ahum aging ) test platform :

ASUS 890FX Crosshair IV Formula motherboard

AMD 1090T 6 Core CPU OC'ed at 4GHz

Thermalright Venomonous cooler with 120mm fan

Corsair 2 x 2GB PC12800C8 rams


Western Digital Velociraptor 150Gb + 2 Corsair SF60 SSDs

Corsair 850W TX V2 PSU


Due to the clever design it's a matter of minutes to get everything installed. Though if you want to perform a clean build it takes a bit longer. Trying a way to figure out a best way to route all the power cables and S-ATA cables. We used the 3.5 inch Western Digital Raptor and two Corsair F60 SSD's and as you can see the end result is pretty nice. It's so easy to tuck everything neatly out of sight. This used to be a rocket science a few years back, when a Dremel cutter was a must have tool.




It was no problem to route all of the non modular PSU's cables through the bottom hole. The protective rubbers tops it all off. We have seen similar solutions before, though this rubber didn't budge at all when we pulled the cables through the hole. It seems to be in the little bonusses that this Corsair case excells.




Regarding videocard length even ATI's 6990 card fit's in. A total length of 316mm is at your disposal, though if you opt to install extra HD fans then you will reduce the length of your VGA to 305mm.




The two big cutouts on the mobo tray are more than big enough to route the 24 pin connector, 4 X 8 pins PCI-E connectors and other Molex power, S-ATA cables




The 8 pin motherboard connector also get's the same spacious treatment by the Corsair engineers. Another classy detail are the motherboard connectors in full black.





A top dual fan radiator cutout, with the ability to mount either 120 or 140mm fans. Four spacious holes including a rubber grommets to route (if needed) tubing from ya watercooling. The picture on the right clearly shows that the Firewire, USB cables have no clearance issue with the Power supply.



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