Coolermaster Storm Enforcer gaming case

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2011-07-05

When we visited Coolermaster Labs early this year we had some ideas how the new Enforcer was taking form. We also saw then some pre avalaution models of the now released Cosmos case. At Cebit 2011 Marco (CM's marketing guy for the Storm line up) was eager to show off their latest creation to us. It had some pretty good features that could please any gamer out there. Though we we had ( as usual ) some criticism on some concept ideas. Though with the final products arriving at the Madshrimps lab we can see if Coolermaster created the ultimate game case yes or no.

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Test setup and results

Time to build in our test platform :


ASUS 890FX Crosshair IV Formula motherboard

AMD 1090T 6 Core CPU at 4GHz

Corsair 4GB PC12800C8 rams


Western Digital Velociraptor 150Gb + 2 Corsair SF60 SSDs

Corsair 850W TX V2 PSU


As with most modern cases it's a matter of minutes to get everything in. Though if you want to perform a clean build it takes a bit longer. Trying a way to figure out a best way to route all the power cables and S-ATA cables. We used the Western Digital Raptor and two Corsair F60 SSD's and as you can see it's pretty easy to hide most cables. Kuddos to the big cutouts at the right spots.




Our ASUS ATI  5870 barely had room to spare with the Hard Drive bay installed, though you can remove it for longer cards alike the 6990. The upper 8 pin power cable can be easily routed via the top cutout.




The motherboard bottom cutout easily facilitates to tuck away neatly all the powercables coming from our Corsair TX850 V2 PSU.






Still some room left for some optional top fans ( 2 x 120mm or 1 x 200mm ) to act as exhaust for the build up heat. All details are taken care off, so even the Audio cable finds it way to the appropriate connector.


Time for the heat results :



No surprise as we get the lowest idle CPU temps, the amount of fresh air being pumped in to the case is a big bonus with this case. Under load the CPU temps best those of the Advanced II case. A top fan would probably reduce load temps ( hint hint for a Advanced version :p)



Looking at both the motherboard chipsets , we notice a simularity with the CPU temps. Not only idling lower, but this time also running slightly cooler then any of the previous cases we tested. Air flow is the key word here !!




GPU temps remaining well in line of each other, though the Enforcer is just that little bit better then the Advanced II and the offerings of the other competitors. Thank you big RED fan :)


Noise wise the Enforcer doesn't dissapoint either, even though it shifts loads of air, the noise level remains at an absolute minimum. ( 35dBA is the noise of a quiet living room ) Great stuff !



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