Coolermaster Storm Enforcer gaming case

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2011-07-05

When we visited Coolermaster Labs early this year we had some ideas how the new Enforcer was taking form. We also saw then some pre avalaution models of the now released Cosmos case. At Cebit 2011 Marco (CM's marketing guy for the Storm line up) was eager to show off their latest creation to us. It had some pretty good features that could please any gamer out there. Though we we had ( as usual ) some criticism on some concept ideas. Though with the final products arriving at the Madshrimps lab we can see if Coolermaster created the ultimate game case yes or no.

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The box and specifications

Coolermaster still manages to provide their lovely cases in jaw dropping artwork covered boxes. If the outside reflects what is on the inside, then all it's future buyers are in for a real treat.





As with all the cases reviewed, the innards are well protected against brutal handling or shipping by the cardboard box.

Specifications :




Without wasting too much words here are some of the nifty features that should make this Storm Enforcer pretty versatile hardware wise. With exceptional cooling performance,  all inside a stylish futuristic looking case.






Time to see them specs and features up close

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