Coolermaster Storm Enforcer gaming case

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2011-07-05

When we visited Coolermaster Labs early this year we had some ideas how the new Enforcer was taking form. We also saw then some pre avalaution models of the now released Cosmos case. At Cebit 2011 Marco (CM's marketing guy for the Storm line up) was eager to show off their latest creation to us. It had some pretty good features that could please any gamer out there. Though we we had ( as usual ) some criticism on some concept ideas. Though with the final products arriving at the Madshrimps lab we can see if Coolermaster created the ultimate game case yes or no.

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time to go deeper

A few years back, to get that pro look on the inside of your case, you would have had to spray it yourself. Most case interiors are now preprepped in black. Coolermaster leaving you the choice for the rear fan to connect it either to the motherboard or to go and look for power directly from your powersupply via a 4 pin Molex. The cardboard accessory box is stuffed with plastic supports for your hard drives, the Storm Guard bracket, a SSD bracket for the 5.25 Drive Bay and a 5.25 to 3.5" convertor.




Some pictures off the storage capacity of this Mid tower case. Both the 2.5 and 3.5" Drive Bays are removable On top of that the 3.53 HDD Bay can be orientated in two ways ( eg to allow easier access to the HDDs or o optimise the ariflow ).

Below are some shots of the storage possibilities :




Picture above : This is the stock configuration. The HDD tray only requires to loosen a few screws, then it just slides out.






Pictre on the left  shows the HDD tray mounted at a 90°C off angle, in the same direction as the airflow. In case of an Ultra long PSU the 2.5" HDD Bay can be placed on top of the fixed 3.5" HDD bay. You got multiple options to install ya terrabytes in the way you like.


The cooling system is also on par with the demands of the gaming community. A silent 120mm rear fan expells the heat generated by your chosen hardware. A huge 200mm front Red LED fan sucks in tons of fresh air to create an optimal airflow situation.





If needed, you can still add an optional 200mm Fan on the cases top or just opt for two 120mm fans. I'm keen to test Corsairs upcoming Hydro 100 to see if it will fit this case...








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