Add RPM monitoring to a (papst) fan

Howto by terangreal @ 2003-02-14

A very quick, simple and basic howto - taking no more of your precious time then 5 minutes !
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In all it's simplicity, this mod will only be useful to some among us. If you're using your own funky & flashy bay- or rheobus, then don't bother to try this one. On the other hand, people who like hooking their fans up to expensive gadgets like the digiDOC or innovaControl systems - or simply their motherboard : I kindly invite you to try this one out!

Exactly what am I going to explain you?
Well, I got this idea when working on a friend's rig. He wanted a more silent system, but didn't fancy a baybus or something alike, so I just suggested to put a Papst 8412NGM on his heatsink. Not much to it, as I had some spare 80mm fans here. While installing it, I noticed there wasn't a single molex unused. Simple - just connect it directly to one of the 3-pins connectors on the mobo. Only problem left: the fan only had two wires. While soldering on a 3-wire connector, it came to my attention that the PCB had 3 connections. So not only could I let the fan take it's juice from the motherboard, I could give my dear friend RPM monitoring quite simply.

Madshrimps (c)

If it's not completely clear : the 3 coloured circles are each representing a connection point on the fan's PCB.
(yellow = RPM monitoring / red = +12V / blue = ground). Many of you can probably do it by yourself from here on, but read on and I'll tell you exactly what to do.
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