Swiftech QPower Howto/Review

Cooling/Water Cooling by jmke @ 2002-05-14

A few weeks ago I received a box from Comtechnology. Curious as I am I just had to look inside :). I found a neat all-in-one watercooling system from Swiftech. Here you can read how I got it working and what I think of it!

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Today I'll be looking into Swiftech's watercooling solution. It's a complete package for keeping the temperature AND noise down when stressing your computer while playing Games, erhm I mean doing productive things. Before I continue I would like to thank the kind folks over at Comtechnology who gave me the opportunity to test-drive this fine product, go pay their site a visit, great prices and excellent service!

Swiftech is not the sole contender for the "Budget/Easy Watercooling King" title, recently we saw Koolance bring an equally interesting product to the masses. The performance of the Koolance was "ok" for normal use according to reviews all over the net.
Let's find out if Swiftech can deliver some healthy competition.

The Case:

A very functional WATX case with enough room inside to stretch your legs. It arrived in a big ass box which wasn't that easy to maneuver around.

straight from the USA!

I was really impressed at how big the case was. Compared to a Midi case this case looks like Godzilla! There were no sharp edges or faults that I could detect at first sight. Very clean design, nothing fancy, just don't expect it the match the visual splendor of the LainLi / Coolermaster.

front and backside of the Qpower

Time to get into the internals of the creature. Removing the sidepanels was an easy job, on one side normal screws, the other thumbscrews! The frontpanel came dettached by removing one little screw. The case uses a rail system to secure your cdrom/cdrw/dvd-drive. Switching drives was never so straight-forward!

thumbscrews on the outside, a small screw on the inside to attach the frontpanel

this case is very roomy and housing a waterpump and complete watercooling set isn't much of a problem

The frontpanel with dustfilters attached, on the right you clearly see where the drive rails are to be installed

The case comes with 4x 120mm fans installed. As you can see in the picture above, the intake fan has dustfilters installed, this does prevent very good airflow, but it keeps your case clean.

The frontfan seen from the inside, the sidefan protected by a fingerguard (click to zoom)

The radiator is cooled by 2x 120mm fans who provide enough airflow to keep the water at a healthy temperature!

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