Swiftech QPower Howto/Review

Cooling/Water Cooling by jmke @ 2002-05-14

A few weeks ago I received a box from Comtechnology. Curious as I am I just had to look inside :). I found a neat all-in-one watercooling system from Swiftech. Here you can read how I got it working and what I think of it!

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The Pump, EU style

Installing the Pump:

Now that the case has been taken apart I went on installing the pump. Reading the manuals made me understand that this system was made for American's. The supplied Eheim pump uses 220v, the USA version comes with the 110v version pre-installed and wired. So using the supplied materials I installed the pump in the case.

High Quality Eheim Pump

box full of goodies supplied with the Qpower (click for detailed contentlist of Swiftech's Cooling Kit)

removing the existing "adapters" <> on the right: the white to be installed "adapters"

changing the little black rubbery thingy from one side to the other (insulation purposes)

The pump with the new "adapters" installed

Now I had to find a spot in the case to install the Pump, Swiftech's liquid cooling kit installation guide suggests at the bottom of the case. But since the tubes weren't very long I searched elsewhere.

Found it! next to the (removable) hard drive rack there is some room left, using velcro and a nylon strip I secured the pump in its place

Connecting the tubes was child's play, pushing them secure into the adapters was all that needed to be done.
Unfortunately the pump's power cable was causing some problems
- you could dremel a hole at the backside of the case
- or solder the wires to the redundant power connector at the bottom-backside

If you chose to do neither you end up with a side panel that looks like this:

the powercable of the pump is preventing the side panel to be completely closed

The time to bring water into the picture has come...

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