Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5 Pure Edition Hi-Resolution PCIe Gaming Sound Card Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2018-06-17 read/post comments(0)

After finalizing the hardware installation of the the AE-5 Pure Edition card to our test system, we did proceed further with the Sound Blaster Connect 2 installer, which did also contain the necessary drivers; in order to have the Aurora RGB setup functional, we also have to supply extra power via Molex., After adjusting the EQ with our preferences, together with the BlasterX Acoustic Engine settings, we did start the listening experience by connecting the SteelSeries Arctis Pro headset and watched various movies and TV shows. The audio output was clear, with plenty of bass and clear highs and loud enough as well after modifying the amplification, thanks to the Xamp build. We also ran multiple rounds of Quake Champions… read more

Silicon Power PCIe Gen3x2 P32A80 256GB SSD Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2018-06-12 read/post comments(0)

The NVMe P32A80 SSD solution from Silicon Power is able to provide good performance values for an entry-level solution and is available with capacities of 128, 256 and 512GB. The product comes with a 3-year warranty and for avoiding data transfer slowdowns, it is recommended to have it installed inside a well-ventilated chassis. read more

ROCCAT Khan AIMO 7.1 RGB Gaming Headset Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2018-06-06 read/post comments(0)

After trying the Khan AIMO headset with multiple games such as DOOM, The Crew 2 Beta, Frostpunk and No One Lives Forever, we were quite impressed by the audio quality and bass representation, thanks to the large, 50mm Neodymium drivers. The headset is quite light and easy to use controls are available on the exterior of the right cup as well (Stereo to virtual 7.1 switch, Volume rocker). The built-in AMP/DAC does allow playback up to 24-bit 96 KHz, making it Hi-Res Audio compatible and great for other multimedia content as well, such as music and movies. We can switch between sampling rates from the ROCCAT Swarm interface or the Windows GUI, but after each modification we would also require… read more

CORSAIR HS70 Wireless Surround Gaming Headset Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2018-05-31 read/post comments(0)

As you might have suspected, since we are dealing with the exact same drivers and software drivers/application as the HS60, the same sound signature is present when talking about the wireless HS70. With this model, CORSAIR has managed to offer a low-cost variant to the VOID PRO model, which is good for both PC and console gamers. The microphone can be easily detached from the HS70 chassis, is Discord Certified, noise-cancelling and is able to offer clear and accurate communication, as we have noted during our Skype test conference. read more

CORSAIR DARK CORE RGB SE Mouse + MM1000 Qi Wireless Mouse Pad Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2018-05-25 read/post comments(0)

Thanks to the included PixArt PMW3367 sensor, there were absolutely no issues during intense action scenes and paired with the MM1000 pad, you can also enjoy excellent precision. When using the mouse on 2.4GHz wireless, we did plug the adapter as instructed by the manufacturer (in the spare USB 3.0 port of the pad); after the mouse is powered on, it will attempt to connect and during this process, the mouse cursor will be a bit non-responsive (1-2 seconds). After the connection has been finalized, we did notice the same amount of responsiveness as we would have been using it in wired mode. read more

Creative Outlier Black Bluetooth Headset Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2018-05-20 read/post comments(0)

After wearing the Outlier Black for a while, we were impressed how light it does feel and comfortable, given its choice of materials (mostly plastic). The custom-tuned 40mm Neodymium magnet drivers do sound really nice while playing music of different kinds and did not distort even at medium to high volume levels. The headset does use a SBC audio codec in Bluetooth mode; when you do choose to playback audio content only, you won’t have any quality issues, but as soon as we did enable the headset to take phone calls, the quality has dropped. We would recommend using the Creative Outlier Black with the AUX-in cable for phone calls, because you won’t have any quality drops this way. read more
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The GIGABYTE H370N WiFi Review

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
GIGABYTE has released a version of their most popular mini-ITX motherboards on the market with the H370N WiFi - a small form factor board designed to offer users a less expensive pathway into the latest Intel processors. The H370N WIFI… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Unveils & Gives Away New Limited Edition 32GB Titan V "CEO Edition"

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
NVIDIA’s CEO Jensen Huang has over the years become increasingly known for his giveaway antics at AI conferences. In recent years the CEO has unveiled both the NVIDIA Titan X (Pascal) and the NVIDIA Titan V in this fashion. And… Go To Full Article

How to Fix All of Windows 10’s Annoyances

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
Windows 10 starts as a very annoying operating system. The Start menu is full of games like Candy Crush, advertisements are all over the place, and useless icons like People litter the taskbar. Here’s how to eliminate all those annoyances. Go To Full Article

Google makes it easier to manage your account on Android

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
For all the features Google has revamped in recent years, it hasn't done much to change your account controls. That's a bit overdue when privacy is much more of a priority, don't you think? Google agrees. It's launching a reworked… Go To Full Article

Tesla calls up German mechanics

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
Gathering allies for the coming battery wars US electric carmaker Tesla favours Germany as the location for its first European Gigafactory, according to its chief executive Elon Musk. Industry experts expect a green… Go To Full Article

HDR10+ is one step closer to reaching your TV

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
Samsung, Panasonic, 20th Century Fox and Amazon are one step closer to giving Dolby Vision a run for its money. Companies now have easy access to the open, royalty-free HDR10+ standard thanks to a just-launched program that lets manufacturers prove… Go To Full Article

Dixons Carphone confirms things are pretty dire

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
24 percent profit slump Troubled British electricals and mobile phone retailer, Dixons Carphone has confirmed that things are not well with the company. The outfit reported a 24 percent slump in annual profit, as… Go To Full Article

TSMC talks about 5nm plans

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
Will invest $25 billion TSMC has said it expects to invest $25 billion in 5-nanometer node technology. However the business did not offer a timeframe for the expenditure and has not said much about… Go To Full Article

Norway's competition watchdog bites Telenor

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
Abused market position Norway’s Competition Authority fined Telenor $96.3 million saying the country’s largest telecoms provider had abused its dominant market position. The case concerned the planned introduction of a third mobile phone… Go To Full Article

Bose puts crowdfunded 'sleepbuds' on sale for $250

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
Last year, Bose took to Indiegogo to gauge people's interest on an experimental device: a pair of noise-masking wireless earbuds designed to help you sleep. That experiment was a success, and the "sleepbuds" sold out within six days on the… Go To Full Article

Amazon adds Moto G6 Play and Z3 Play to Prime Exclusive phone lineup

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
Amazon already has quite a few Motorola phones in its Prime Exclusive roster, and now it's adding two more to its lineup. The e-commerce giant now offers the Moto G6 Play and Z3 Play as unlocked, Alexa-enabled devices that you… Go To Full Article

Tesla's mobile app can turn on top speed limits from anywhere

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
If you're a little worried about handing over the keys to your Tesla to a valet, then you might be tempted to engage the car's "Valet Mode," which limits the speed of the car to 70MPH and tops out the… Go To Full Article

Facebook redirects would-be opioid buyers to crisis helpline

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
Anyone trying to buy opioids or seeking addiction treatment through Facebook should now instead see information for a federal crisis helpline. Facebook has worked with a policy team on the measure over the last few months, according to Stat. Next… Go To Full Article

'Digital Key' standard uses your phone to unlock your car

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
You can already use your smartphone as a car key if you own the right vehicle (just ask Tesla Model 3 owners). There hasn't really been a common standard for it, though, and that has hurt adoption -- you can't… Go To Full Article

Car2Go's carsharing service expands to Chicago starting July 25th

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
Carsharing service Car2Go is coming to Chicago July 25th. Residents of the big city can register for free now, and new members will get a $15 credit for doing so. This brings the total number of cities that Car2Go is… Go To Full Article

Ohio test uses drones to monitor highway traffic

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
Highway traffic monitoring is frequently... less than efficient. Fixed cameras can't catch problems beyond their immediate location, while aircraft are both costly and inevitably have to fly back to a distant base to refuel. These systems may soon... … Go To Full Article

Oppo's Find X ditches the notch for pop-up cameras

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
If there's a singular trend to point to for phones in 2018, it's the effort to cram as much screen into a device as possible. Oppo's new Find X, which is being officially announced at a live streamed event in… Go To Full Article

Just tweeting a story with WH advisor's number could get you blocked

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
White House adviser Stephen Miller is widely regarded as the person behind the Trump administration's zero tolerance immigration policy that has taken children away from parents accused of attempting to enter the country illegally. Earlier today, Giz... Go To Full Article

Germany plans to test Airbus and Audi's flying taxi concept

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
The Pop.Up Next flying taxi from Airbus and Audi should soon become much more than a well-meaning concept. The German government has signed a letter of intent greenlighting tests for the flying taxi around Audi's home city of Ingolstadt. Transport...… Go To Full Article

The Weather Channel's mixed reality tornado lesson was actually fun

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
This morning, The Weather Channel debuted the first of its upcoming slate of immersive, mixed reality (IMR) content that's meant to let "viewers truly see the weather like never before". In this segment, meteorologist Jim Cantore explained the Enhanc... Go To Full Article

Volvo’s new US-made S60 sedan will be available via subscription

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
Volvo's new S60 sedan marks a bit of a sea change for the automaker: It's its first of its vehicles not to have a diesel variant, the first manufactured in the United States and the third to be included in… Go To Full Article

HDMI Forum Demonstrates HDMI 2.1 VRR Capabilities on Samsung TV

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
Dynamic refresh rate technologies like AMD’s FreeSync and NVIDIA’s G-Sync have become de-facto standards for gaming PCs and displays. Last year the HDMI Forum introduced a more industry-standard approach to variable refresh rate as a part of the HDMI 2.1… Go To Full Article

US lawmakers urge Google to reconsider Huawei partnership

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
In the wake of national security concerns over Huawei's interest in entering the US market, legislators from both the Senate and the House sent a letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai urging him to reconsider working with the Chinese phone… Go To Full Article

Leap Motion shows off AR headset with rousing game of ping pong

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
If you wanted to demonstrate Leap Motion's low-cost augmented reality headset, how would you do it? Create a flashy, action-packed showcase? Leap Motion has a different idea: an invigorating game of ping pong. The company has crafted a demo that… Go To Full Article

GM goes full-smartphone with its latest infotainment system

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
Many of us are using CarPlay and Android Auto to essentially replace the infotainment systems in our cars. Automakers like Audi, Mercedes and really anyone putting metal on four tires is taking notice of this trend and have started working… Go To Full Article

AMD Teams Up with Cooler Master for ‘Wraith Ripper' Megacooler

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
One of the important revelations from AMD's recent Ryzen Threadripper 2 announcement wasn't just that the upcomming processors would have more cores - going from 16 to 32 in the case of the top SKUs - but that power consumption… Go To Full Article

Facebook is testing paid monthly subscriptions for Groups

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
Facebook is testing Group subscriptions, which will allow Group admins to charge for exclusive content. Only a few will have access to the feature as of now, but they'll be able to set up a separate, subscriber-only Group and charge… Go To Full Article

Puzzle platformers 'Inside' and 'Limbo' hit Nintendo Switch June 28th

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
Good news for fans of creepy, atmospheric games: Playdead is bringing its hit platformers Limbo and Inside to Nintendo Switch June 28th. Both were already available to play on the go, as they're on iOS (Limbo is on the Google… Go To Full Article

The InWin Ego Fan: The Ultimate RGB LED Fan

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
If you are not completely frustrated by RGB LED components by now, this might put you over the top. The Ego fan from InWin is designed to be the ultimate RGB LED fan by using a silicone diffuser around the… Go To Full Article

Microsoft follows Google with its own overhauled news app

@ 2018/06/21 read/post comments(0)
Microsoft has overhauled its MSN News app for mobile. As you might expect, it's curated for your interests, offers breaking news alerts, support for widgets on both Android and iOS, continuous scrolling and a dark theme for reading at night.… Go To Full Article

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