Silicon Power Blaze B03 USB 3.2 Gen1 Flash Drive Review

Storage/Other by stefan @ 2020-07-03 read/post comments()

The Blaze B03 comes with a very stylish plastic chassis and offers an easy-to-use slider design, for protecting the USB connector. The transfer rates are good for a mainstream product and can be found with capacities of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB or 128GB. Thanks to the chosen material for the chassis, it weights only 13 grams and the product is also backed up by a 5-year limited warranty. read more

Dream Machines DM2 Supreme Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2020-06-26 read/post comments()

After customizing the DPI steps for a bit and adjusting the report rate to 1000Hz, we have started some sessions in Final Fantasy XIV, Smite but also Mafia II Definitive Edition. The sensor did track flawlessly, and we did really enjoy the comfortable shape of the DM2 Supreme. The mouse uses a rubberized, grippy coating on the whole surface but this one also picks up quite a bit of skin oils and dust, which are quite difficult to clean up. read more

Shuttle XPC nano NC10U3 Barebone Review

Others/All-in-one PC by stefan @ 2020-06-21 read/post comments(0)

The NC10U series follows the design lines of the previous member of the XPC nano line, the NC03U, by incorporating Whiskey Lake support and besides a noticeable boost in speed we do also get better video output options for 4K @ 60Hz, we can install more RAM but also can run memory at higher speeds than before. Unlike the DS10U3, which was designed to run in an industrial environment with passive cooling, the NC10U3 does feature active cooling with a small fan which is quite silent during normal operation or even high stress scenarios. read more

CORSAIR Elgato WAVE:3 Microphone Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2020-06-18 read/post comments(0)

WAVE:3 is easy to set up and comes with a long-enough cable for most applications. If you are a streamer or content creator, the Wave Link application will come to help by providing a lot of virtual sources for you to work with and thanks to the included hardware 3.5mm mini Jack, you can enjoy lag-free monitoring with your favorite headphones. WAVE:3 does also provide a nice white LED display in front, for easily modifying the current settings via the dial, while the Mute button can be accessed in an instant, given its capacitive nature. read more

Silicon Power Blaze B32 64GB USB 3.2 Gen1 Flash Drive Review

Storage/Other by stefan @ 2020-06-12 read/post comments(0)

The Blaze B32 offers a sleek design and can be easily attached to our keychain or bag. Depending on the user needs, it can be purchased with capacities of up to 256GB and transferring large files to it does not take forever. For monitoring the drive activity, we do also get a red LED in the back of the drive’s chassis and thanks to its dimensions, it won’t obstruct the nearby USB port. read more

Razer Viper Mini Ultra-Light Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2020-06-05 read/post comments(0)

The Viper Mini can be thought of as a mainstream product from Razer, given the sensor choice but also the price point. After firing a few games of different categories, we did not feel disappointed with its tracking while operating on a 1440P display; the sensor performance is great and most casual gamers, content creators will not feel disappointed by it. One thing to keep in mind is that this mouse was not designed for people with large hands, in which case the positioning will be a little cramped. read more
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Noctua NH-U12S CPU Cooler Review @ APH Networks

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
The Noctua NH-U12S combines subtle and stealthy looks with a performance and installation that is every bit a Noctua experience. Go To Full Article

Apple Card's new web portal lets you pay your balance on a PC

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
You’ll no longer have to be entirely dependent on the Wallet app for your Apple Card transactions. The tech giant has launched a web portal for its credit card, giving you a way to pay your balance online even if… Go To Full Article

DURGOD Taurus K320 Mechanical Keyboard Review

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
Due to its lack of RGB illumination and available color selection It may be far from the ideal mechanical keyboard for gamers and perhaps even casual users but thanks to its build quality the Taurus K320 model by DURGOD should… Go To Full Article

Verizon adds free Disney+, Hulu streaming to some Fios packages

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
Verizon (Engadget's parent company) has launched a new deal to try to entice people to its Fios service. Building on the Disney+ promotion the telecom announced last year, new customers can get up to 12 months of Hulu free when… Go To Full Article

Amazon's Windows 10 Prime Video app brings offline viewing to PCs

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
It's been a long wait, but Windows 10 users can finally download Amazon Prime Video to their computer. The UWP app’s most notable feature is that it allows you to download content for offline watching. That will be handy once… Go To Full Article

BIOSTAR Racing B460GTA @ TechPowerUp

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
Our first look at Intel's new B460 chipset is the BIOSTAR Racing B460GTA. Featuring dual M.2 slots, each with their own full coverage heatsink, RGB lighting, a large VRM heatsink, and even an integrated rear I/O cover, the BIOSTAR Racing… Go To Full Article

PlayStation is the latest to join the Facebook ad boycott

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
Sony’s PlayStation brand is the latest to jump on board with other companies who have stopped running ads on Facebook and Instagram, reports PlayStation is joining a host of other brands who’ve stopped running ads on the platforms... Go To Full Article

BMW wants to sell subscriptions to in-car features

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
In an expansion of its ConnectedDrive Store, BMW wants to give owners of its cars the option to access specific hardware and software features through a subscription (via Autoblog). BMW hasn't detailed exactly how the service will work, but the… Go To Full Article

Flash games site Kongregate will stop accepting submissions on July 22nd

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
If you played Flash-based games in the 2000s, you probably remember Kongregate, a website that hosted over 100,000 browser games. Developers of any experience level could upload their creations, and users could find a host of oddball options that you...… Go To Full Article

'Cyberpunk 2077' ditches its wall-running mechanic

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
Cyberpunk 2077 will no longer have one of its more intriguing movement mechanics that have been showcased in demos over the last couple of years. CD Projekt Red says it has ditched the wall-running ability."[Wall-running] is something that we removed...… Go To Full Article

Palmer Luckey's startup will build a 'virtual' border wall

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
It's no secret that Palmer Luckey's Anduril Industries has been developing a "virtual wall" to heighten national security -- he's been at it for the better part of three years. That work (for better or worse) has finally paid off.… Go To Full Article

Amazon is making a Fallout series with the creators of 'Westworld'

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
Amazon’s latest sci-fi series will be a familiar one to gamers — the company is partnering with Bethesda to make a show based on the post-apocalyptic Fallout series. Tweets from both Bethesda and Amazon confirmed this, and Bethesda also confirmed… Go To Full Article

Virgin Galactic will livestream its SpaceShipTwo cabin reveal on July 28th

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
We’ve seen photos of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo in flight, and we know what its Under Armour spacesuits will look like. Next, Virgin Galactic will offer a glimpse of the spaceship’s cabin. On July 28th, at 1pm ET, the company will… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA brings its Instagram-style game filters to GeForce Now

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
The next time you fire up NVIDIA’s GeForce Now, you’ll be able to drastically change up the look of whatever game you’re playing. The company is rolling out its Freestyle tech across the service, through which players can slap Instagram-style… Go To Full Article

HiFiMAN Deva with Bluemini @ TechPowerUp

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
HiFiMAN's new Deva is a planar magnetic headphone which doubles up as a Bluetooth headset when you attach the Bluemini device. Currently, the Deva bundled with the Bluemini retails at $299 which also makes it the most affordable of the… Go To Full Article

European police hacked encrypted phones used by thousands of criminals

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
In one of the largest law enforcement busts ever, European police and crime agencies hacked an encrypted communications platform used by thousands of criminals and drug traffickers. By infiltrating the platform, Encrochat, police across Europe gained... Go To Full Article

'NBA 2K21' comes with a next-gen upgrade... if you spend $100

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
If you want to play NBA 2K21 on two different console generations -- the PS4 and PS5, or the Xbox One and Series X -- it's going to cost you.The base game for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and… Go To Full Article

SK Hynix: HBM2E Memory Now in Mass Production

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
Just shy of a year ago, SK Hynix threw their hat into the ring, as it were, by becoming the second company to announce memory based on the HBM2E standard. Now the company has announced that their improved high-speed, high… Go To Full Article

Will gallium nitride electronics change the world?

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
Silicon is at the heart of most of our electronics. It’s a semiconductor, a material that can switch from an insulator that blocks current to a conductor, a material like copper that can carry a charge. This remarkable property is… Go To Full Article

iRig Keys 2 Mini is a MIDI controller with a headphone jack for your iPhone

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
iRig is no stranger to the world of portable MIDI controllers. And, frankly, there’s no shortage of great keyboards out there that will fit neatly into your backpack. But IK Multimedia was one of the earlier brands to start building… Go To Full Article

Xiaomi unveils its first OLED TV

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
Xiaomi has launched its first lineup of OLED “Master Series” TVs in China, starting with a 65-inch model at a pretty interesting price (via Engadget Chinese). Using a 10-bit 4K 120Hz LG OLED panel, it covers 98.5 percent of the… Go To Full Article

Facebook is killing Lasso, its first TikTok clone

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
Lasso. Remember Lasso? You know, Facebook’s attempt to build a version of TikTok, with the ability to do short video clips with music and effects. But, with that sheen of it being yet another attempt for Facebook to crush its… Go To Full Article

Apple’s data tracking was not as good as thought

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
Turns out Jobs’ Mob could not predict the future Apple’s new data tracking human mobility trends service has turned out disappointing as it could not predict the future as believed. The oil industry had… Go To Full Article

Huawei and ZTE "national security threats" to the United States

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
Officially declared The United States has formally declared telecom giants Huawei and ZTE "national security threats". The nation, which was formed by French-backed terrorists over a refusal to pay for their own defence and… Go To Full Article

Apple leans on suppliers to speed up 5G

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
Mass production could be two months late Apple's glacial speed towards 5G is facing further delays of up to two months due to the coronavirus pandemic and apparently Jobs' Mob is giving its suppliers a Chinese burn… Go To Full Article

Samsung is selling a wireless charger that also sterilizes your phone

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
As the world comes to terms with the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have learned that keeping a small distance and regularly washing their hands are important tools in limiting the transmission of the virus. However, when the… Go To Full Article

Daniel Abt will race again after virtual Formula E cheating scandal

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
Remember Daniel Abt? The Formula E driver was disgraced after secretly subbing in an 18-year-old esports professional during a virtual 'Race at Home Challenge.' Abt was suspended from the competition, ordered to make a 10,000 euro (roughly $11,279) c... Go To Full Article

Desperados III Review

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
Rick straps on his spurs and prepares for High Noon with Mimimi's games' follow-up to Shadow Tactics. Go To Full Article

Windows 10's Start menu is getting a visual refresh

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
Microsoft has rolled out the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build, giving us a glimpse of a new Start menu that was redesigned to look cleaner and more coherent. Insiders in the Dev Channel will now have access to a… Go To Full Article

[M] Silicon Power Blaze B03 USB 3.2 Gen1 Flash Drive Review

@ 2020/07/03 read/post comments(0)
The Blaze B03 comes with a very stylish plastic chassis and offers an easy-to-use slider design, for protecting the USB connector. The transfer rates are good for a mainstream product and can be found with capacities of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB… Go To Full Article

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