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jmke 15th March 2003 00:41

@RGenius: 5800rpm fan? that's loud!

DUR0N 17th March 2003 19:33

we've got one @ colorcase.
time to prove we're right =)

jmke 17th March 2003 19:34

Can I come pick one up thursday? :)

DUR0N 17th March 2003 19:35

along with the Xdream Rev.2 ? :)

jmke 17th March 2003 19:39

that baby is 4 amd I hope
cause I don't have a spare P4 rig for the moment.

DUR0N 17th March 2003 19:44

yesyes, both 4 amd

jmke 17th March 2003 22:39

cu thursday!

:ws: thnkx in advance

jmke 22nd March 2003 13:51

the testing can begin :)

Bosw8er 22nd March 2003 13:54


Originally posted by jmke
the testing can begin :)
Real question is: "Exactly HOW hard will it suck ?" :D

real.genius 23rd March 2003 09:42

water-x h2o cpu cooler modified
After going to the 1coolpc web site I modified my water x unit with the addion of a tornado top mounted cooling fan. Thats 84 cfm air flow for those of you not familiar with this vantec product. Also upped the wattage of the case power supply to a 400 watt unit since there were now pumps and fans to turn off of the 12 volt power supply. The data suggest that the water x unit is very stable in performance with the increased cooling fan through put. My standard xp2100 chip was used for all the tests since it is one of the hottest running chips AMD makes. No sissy chip data here. Data as follows for water-x unit;
cold start
58c cpu/37c mb/ air temp 28c
at idle 2% to 10% cpu load and warmed up
60c cpu/38c mb/air temp 28c
100 % load and warmed up continuous 100% load
64c cpu/39c mb/air temp 28c
pump speed 1900 and fan 5100 rpms
Comparisons for an great air unit as follows, spire 3000 with standard supplied fan complete with heatsink compound from spire factory $14.00 us dollars.
cold start
46c cpu/26c mb/ air temp 24c
2% to 10% cpu load
52c cpu/32c mb/ 25c air temp
100% continuous loading
55c cpu/33c mb/25c air temp
Thats right, a xp2100 at 100% load running at 55c cpu now thats performance. So although the data for the modified water-x unit is fairly constant it did not out perform the standard oem fan spire 3000 unit for low temp performance.
SLK-900U performance for my set up, I have a xp2100 chip and a ASUS A7V8X KT400 mother bd with ddr400 mem. capable of running a barton core at 333 bus pretty much state of the art in technology with an 8x agp video card. just a couple of observations on the slk800 and slk900u, both exceed the maximum wt that AMD allows and both may not fit on a ASUS mother bd due to there oversized footprint. I have emailed thermalright directly to see if there slk900u fits on a ASUS A7V8X kt400 mb but they have been silent so far.

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