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mentalcrisis00 25th September 2007 00:33

recommendations on tv tuner card
I'm looking for a tv tuner card to convert my VHS movies to digital (i'll be playing them from either a VCR or camcorder) so I need a tv tuner card that I can easily encode these videos into decent quality mpeg or AVI. Anyone have recommendations? I've been looking at hauppauge tuners which look pretty nice but I've never used one so I'm not sure what to get.

Any input would be welcome


Sidney 25th September 2007 01:23

You have been asking the similar question over and over:)
It does not matter much which brand you are going to buy; the cheaper the better, Leadtek makes a couple good ones for less and hauppauge tuners are a cut better. From VHS and old camcorder the resolution is not going to be critical, unless you are dealing with HDTV.

mentalcrisis00 25th September 2007 01:40

well my last message here was about digital camcorders but I've been looking over and over at tv tuner cards and they do all seem like the same stuff with a different brand name so I'll just go with the cheapest one and try it out.


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