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kr15t0f 2nd January 2005 20:00

* stay alive

* die.

thats all I think.

easypanic 2nd January 2005 20:41

Greatest thing for this year : go and live together with my girl :D :feesten:

jmke 2nd January 2005 21:00

your first step towards a ball and chains :banana:


easypanic 2nd January 2005 21:44


That kinda chains? :gay: :*

jmke 2nd January 2005 22:04

whatever scratches your itches;)

deronny 2nd January 2005 22:10

sry for the lame joke

pass my year in school
get my act together relationshipwise
drink a little less

kristos 2nd January 2005 22:20

- start fitnessing again
- pick up thai boxing again, start freefight
- start squash
- find a computer hardware oriented job

- spend less time behind the computer so I can do all the above ;)

easypanic 22nd May 2005 18:38


Originally posted by easypanic
Greatest thing for this year : go and live together with my girl :D :feesten:

Ok, one wish is coming true :super: .

From the 1st of July my girlie and me are going to live together :feesten: :banana:

L@TrO 22nd May 2005 18:57

congratz ;-)

DUR0N 22nd May 2005 20:37


Originally posted by DUR0N
-getting CCNA/MSCE qualifications
-finding a nice job

oh my! :)

I already read enough for the ccna examn, this week i'm going to pick up a router and start practicing.

next schoolyear I will be studying network managament @ Erasmus brussel or psychology @ KUL.

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