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wutske 22nd May 2005 22:03

Re: New Year resolutions

Originally posted by HardFreak

-Less drinking
-More studying (!= less computer)
-Getting a life and friends
-Getting a job for the weekends

1: good till now
2: not much better :( (actualy, had quite a long time w/ less computer, but got the flu back)..
3: is already a lot better then a year ago :super:
4: Oeh boy, I'm so lazy, but, I already went to 2 interims for a job during the vacations. 2 other will folow soon

agent #2 22nd May 2005 22:08


Originally posted by agent #2
*sport :^D
*to meet intresting people

Still working on it :(

easypanic 22nd May 2005 22:26

Aren' t we interesting enough? :D

kr15t0f 22nd May 2005 23:59


Originally posted by kr15t0f
* stay alive

* die.

thats all I think.

as far as I know it seems that it's working out fine

BZRK 23rd May 2005 01:22

mine aren't

Crossing Guard 21st June 2005 05:40

kristof n Gamer

--batting avg of over 500 (389..)
--get rich....without sue-ing
--learn to spell suing

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