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Insider 17th September 2003 15:48

Flash you're Radeon 9800 Non Pro to Pro version
I found this on the
Rage 3D forum.

It look's very interesting. With this method you can flash a non-pro to a pro card. :super: Although the method seems to work. I'm a bit hesitant, to screw my brandnew 300 Euro videocard.

I have Hercules Radeon 9800 np. According to the same forum thread, my card should have Samsung 3.3ns ram ( a requirement to flash a card, although 2.8ns is better). Is there somebody here who has the same card and tried it already or has the guts to try it?

jmke 17th September 2003 16:08

try to verify if you have indeed that memory look on the memory chips

RichBa5tard 17th September 2003 16:13

tried it with a sapphire r9800 np.

memvoltage remained 2.7v. memoverclock went from 340 to 380.

Ansur 17th September 2003 18:02

Isn't there an other way to OC your 9800 non-pro?

As insider says, flashing a brand new Ä300 card is a bit risky, I'd say.

the maniak 17th September 2003 18:16

flashing radeon's is very easy

but to be safe make a backup of the original

and then make an bootdisk with an extra line in the autoexec.bat to flash it with the backup, this will work even without a display on the screen

so if the flash goes wrong just put that bootdisk in
wait a few moments

and restart

and normally the card will work again

Ansur 17th September 2003 22:59

You make it sound sooooooo simple :)

FreeStyler 18th September 2003 10:07

actually it is.

Insider 20th September 2003 14:09

Found this on:Rage 3D forum


Hercules 9800np:
Ok could not wait, flashed with bios given on this thread.

Results from 3D Mark 2003 Build 330

Core Mem Score
325 580 4740 np
380 680 5465 np
410 680 5734 np
380 680 5413 pro
420 700 5784 pro

np=non pro (original bios)
pro (flashed bios)

As you can see, can over clock memory more with bios flash (it may go higher, I didnít want to push my luck + I got fed up with benchmarking )

Seems stable! no artefacts 680 was the ram limit without bios flash.

Iím happy an increase from 4740 to 5784 thatís a 22% performance increase, faster than pro speeds for NON-PRO MONEY!!!

The new 9800XT coming out end sept / Oct is supposed to be only running at 415 core / 730 mem.

The ram sinks on the Hercules get hot, and my case is not very well cooled, so with some extra fans I could probably get more MHz out of the ram.

I have never owned an ATi card before and for many years heard of driver problems with them.

I recently brought a FX5900 but RMA'd it after getting a buzzing noise and flickering effect.

Despite this I still did not feel that the card was any significant step up from my Ti4200. Sure it run quake 3 and other existing games at amazing frame rates but I expected more from the CineFX architecture in newer apps.

With the growing evidence and recent circus surrounding Halflife 2, with reviewer after reviewer telling me to go for a Radeon 9800 I finally took the plunge.

I AM IMMPRESSED!!! Image quality to me seems better, sharper, with images more vivid. The 9800 does seem to have more of a problem with jaggies than my old Nvidia but with a little bit of AA applied this is not a problem.

For anyone deciding what card to get I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting a Radeon 9800 you will not regrett it!

To this end I can recommend the Hercules 9800 non-pro. High quality, and already fitted with ram sinks.
(I got mine from for £225.)

Just had to say all that!

Athlon XP 2600 @ 333 FSB
1.5GB OCZ DDR @ 333MHz
Hercules Radeon 9800np (420/700)
Few questions:

Is it worth flashing my non pro radeon? I think my XP1900+ is creating at bottleneck. I fear that the performance increase will be to small to take the risk.

Does someone know how fast you're CPU (minimum) has to be to use the full capacity of the most recent graphic cards?

Tum0r 20th September 2003 18:32

With al these new technologies I'm afraid in the future lots of ppl are gonna get screwed over.
As in buying a 9800pro ,when it's really is a 9800 flashed...
A 9800SE softmodded into a 9800pro ...

With amd tbred B's is also possible.
After reading this i'm very carrefully about what I buy.

Not that i'm not pleased about getting performace cheap ;)

Ps. In my early years I have flashed my vid cards many times and have never lost 1.

jmke 20th September 2003 22:36

that problem was already there with the ATI 8500LE being sold as ATI 8500 retail, after someone flashed the bios of the LE to make it run at 8500 speeds

just be careful about what you buy..

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