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jmke 23rd June 2003 23:13

Silence = Golden: Silent PC Project


How to fit a complete PC setup into small closet and make it really really quiet!

RichBa5tard 23rd June 2003 23:25

Damn shame about the dead XP2600+.. can't thermaltake be held responsible for such damage?

I enjoyed reading it! Good article bosw8er! :ws:

PS: a little error on the bottom of page 3:

Problem 8
Thermaltake copper spacers are a little thicker than the XP-core.
A perfectly good 2600XP down the drain in what about 2 to 3 seconds?

< pic >

jmke 23rd June 2003 23:29

fixed, I'm going to bed zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

yeehaa!! 23rd June 2003 23:32

Interesting article,
I considered buying some silencing mats for a while, but now convinced that they will raise the temp too high...
Well done bosw8er

A-star 24th June 2003 06:34

Nice Article Bosw8er.
Good Job, gave me some ideas to make my pc more silent

Bosw8er 24th June 2003 08:45


Originally posted by jmke
fixed, I'm going to bed zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Thx for the hard work !
All i done is writing a very bad engrish article on the kitchensink while eating pizza.
JMke did the rest !

jmke 24th June 2003 08:52

glad you all like it! some good pictures from Bosw8er I have stored here, might share them here soon =)

Bosw8er 24th June 2003 15:46

Hmmm, this should be a nice asset in the black box ... there is a black version also with blue leds, looks mighty fine

coming mid summer, i wonder what the price will be

Bosw8er 25th June 2003 08:17

The article is updated, take a look at the conclusions at the last page.

:huh: :wtf: :super:

Unregistered 25th June 2003 18:54

outtake = somthing funny in a movie or tvshow

EXHAUST is the word you were looking for.

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