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jmke 8th November 2010 11:06

LAMPTRON Fan Controller Touch Review
The Fan Controller Touch from LAMPTRON is a nice looking device and allows easy navigation through its touch screen interface, to be able to control the connected fan speeds or see the temperature for each separate channel.

kzinti1 8th February 2011 23:10

Do these controllers require fans with rpm sensors so RPM and Voltage may be properly displayed or will a 3 pin-2wire connected fan work?
Sorry for reactivating an old thread but I've read quite a few reviews and no fan listing ever mentioned whether these fans had RPM sensors or not.

Stefan Mileschin 9th February 2011 07:39

Hello there!

The fan controller will show the RPM for all 3-wire fans (considering that the third wire is not interrupted :)), but not for the 2-wire ones. However, with the 2-wire fans it will still show the voltage.

jmke 9th February 2011 08:17

depending on fan you're using you might be able to re-activate the RPM feed :)

kzinti1 9th February 2011 12:47

Thank you very much for your replies.

Stefan Mileschin 9th February 2011 13:06

No problem!

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