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Bosw8er 13th May 2003 11:16


Originally posted by biCker
hehe, you shouldn't post soo many pics, i scrolled right through that section.


biCker 13th May 2003 11:45


Originally posted by verstap
Nice review :o But could it be possible to show a pic of the back of your case? I'm wondering how far the tubes come out of the case. Are they attached to the case or just hanging from the top till the pci-slot?
tubes don't stick out further than any other cable thanks to the springs in above picture, I didn't attach them to the case since this is review material and I din't want to cut them all up to make it a nice fit.

Bosw8er 13th May 2003 18:41

Corsair HydroCool 200 - review

Looks good.

Performance on par with Exos at 100%

jmke 13th May 2003 21:30

Koolance EXOS: 0.23 Fans at 100% power
Corsair HydroCool 200: 0.24

vewwy small lead for the EXOS :)

biCker 14th May 2003 01:22

a shame corsair doesn't answer my mail for a reviewing sample :(

I need a sound level meter thingy, after a few days usage the noise is starting to bother me again, it is still silent but I guess I\'m getting spoiled. From what I make of the Corsair review, this makes less noise??

edit: but still, since I\'m using the Exos I can hear my Seagate cuda IV spin

jmke 14th May 2003 01:39

dBa meters @ , can be expensive for accurate equipment :(

piotke 14th May 2003 18:38

and rato is ignoring my mails...

TerAngreal 14th May 2003 18:45

neih, they\'re just a bit lazy over there ...

Bosw8er 14th May 2003 18:56

You should go there and ask them what you want. I think they are very helpful.

Unregistered 19th May 2003 01:30

To all:

I am currently running the Exos [have been for about five months] with the fans @ 100% using a mildly overclocked AthlonXP 2100+ [@1.76 ghz] on an Abit KX7-333R mb. Using two \'shelf hangers\' it is mounted to the side of an AMK 24 inch OCD case. I pipe outside air to the unit [cut a hole in the bottom of the Exos] using clothes dryer tubing. The highest temp I have seen [using Hardware System Monitor software] during video rendering is 40 degrees C] with the air entering the unit at 30 degrees C.

Works Great!

Bob Miller

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