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Sidney 24th May 2005 21:28

OCZ Platinum PC5000 DFI nF4 Special 1GB Dual Channel Kit
OCZ surpasses themselves with their latest DDR entry. The Platinum PC5000 is the fastest rated memory and provides cutting edge performance. If you have the cash to spared, don't even think twice. But sadly, we're not all rich.

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DDR ram war has just begun:)

Sidney 24th May 2005 22:49

DFI must be celebrating with memory companies coming up products just to meet it's performance.

How about 2-2-2-5 DDR700 for less than $200? It would be a win/win situation for both; the manufacturers and PC enthusiasts.

Why? Manufacturers (chip makers) could extend the life of current toolings and setup; plus hell a lot higher margin with low yield considered.

Ordinary users wouldn't care for much anyway.:)

Plus the fact that it only costs a dozen or so free samples and the whole world knows about it ...... no more high advertising/marketing cost.

kristos 25th May 2005 01:24

but enduser price would be insane if they want to make a profit of such hich quality ram because that will without a doubt need an expensive production process.

That's why winbond stopped making BH-5 a few years ago. It wasn't profitable enough to them. Production cost was too high.

Sidney 25th May 2005 01:40

I guess there was insufficient sales then. TCCD chips manufactured the same way disregarding timings and FSB; they just lineup in getting the top quality ones after production.

There may well be more overclockers today than 3 years ago.;)

Faiakes 25th May 2005 08:50

It's good but not good enough. I guess this suits Pentium systems better.

However, for an AMDemer like me:

OCZ EL PC4000 Gold VX
Muskin XP4000 Redline

is my next memory, no mattet how volt hungry is. I think it is currently the best DDR money can buy, and money well spent too.

jmke 25th May 2005 09:13

I don't agree; I bought PC150 256Mb Mushkin SDR at $150 while other memory cost $75 at that time. I enjoyed the "higher" speed for ~1 year; but then that memory only served as "extra" memory for an older server system; I did not think it was money well spend and regret having ordered it; instead of going for 512Mb of cheaper RAM.


Faiakes 25th May 2005 09:30

Well at $115 and the ability to overclock your entire system (AMD, i am interested in a 1:1 overclock at 2-2-2-5) for as much mu current processor will allow, I think that memory will be with me for quite a while. :)

jmke 25th May 2005 10:43

AMD will not wait forever and keep DDR1 you know :D

Faiakes 25th May 2005 10:56

True, good point, although I didn't think of that DDR2 just doesn't provide any trully better performance so far, and from what I can tell it won't do for some time. (persistent aren't I? :))

jmke 25th May 2005 11:07

they will most likely skip DDR2 all together and go for DDR3 or equivalent

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