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jmke 17th July 2008 10:40

Intel Larrabee doesn't do DirectX ?
One of the stranger things we were told about Larrabee from our source was that Intel doesn't have to use DirectX, instead they're planning on using direct mode. This sounds like a strange thing to do, but considering how different Larrabee is to most graphics processors on the market today, it might not be as strange as it sounds.

We're not sure how they're planning to implement this, nor do we know if it'll bring any real benefits. What it does bring is a lot of hassle for the game developers, as they'd have to write specific code to support Larrabee based products, which doesn't sound like it'll be a popular thing.

It's possible that Intel has developed its own API, like Voodoo's Glide, but as we don't have enough details, we can only speculate what Intel is trying to do here. mid=34

update: debunked:

phlegm 17th July 2008 13:38

Odd. Very few engines even want to support OGL and DirectX, much less a third graphics interface with very little hardware supporting it. Possible, but Intel is going to need to start handing out the money hats.

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