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The Senile Doctor 1st August 2002 21:14

What's your most anticipated game for the rest of 2002?
doom 3!

jmke 2nd August 2002 00:11


if Unreal Tournament 2003 delivers same gameplay LAN fun as UT : UT2003 :)

UT is really fun in LAN with less experienced users
Q3A is very intensive and if you're new to it then chances you aren't having fun is very HIGH

whereas with UT the game is fun for both n00b & Pro
very fun game :)

AchMalAch 2nd August 2002 00:25

Duke nukem (in developement) Forever.:D

biCker 2nd August 2002 01:01

HL classic, only shooter I have and enjoy playing online

jmke 2nd August 2002 01:04

uhm.. isn't that already released ?

biCker 2nd August 2002 01:14

:^D mmm, indeed, need to read slower!

BlaCkBirD 4th August 2002 02:22

UT2k3 here, or maybe battlefield 1942 but for some reason the single player crashes with no error when i'm ingame (can't play just have to set spawn location or something)

and if ut2k3 is as good as ut was/is it's gonna ownz :)

jmke 4th August 2002 02:44

UT2003 will bring 30fps to the GF4 masses :D

more pics:

The Senile Doctor 4th August 2002 13:22

no 50 fps : no go :)

Gamer 4th August 2002 13:31

Hail UT :)
my game

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