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morgmel 19th January 2010 10:24

Recommendations for IT support in Brussels?
Hi all,
I'm looking for recommendation for a person/company to provide IT support for a small company in Brussels.
Initial task would be an analysis and recommendations for optimisation of the current office setup (details below). Followed by recommendations for future (short-medium term) development, including high speed internet suitable for web hosting and video conferencing.
Preferable English speaking, although competence is more important than language skills.
Any suggestions - or ideas for where to look would be appreciated.

Current setup:
microsoft SBS, mdaemon mail server, web server, cisco pix, 10 pc, 4 OSx, belgacom adsl, 5 printers, wwan

jmke 19th January 2010 10:30

have you looked at smaller IT corporations like, and others?

Depending on what you need, you might get away with a part time consultant which will cost less than hiring a fulltime employee

morgmel 19th January 2010 10:35

Hi jmke,
many thanks for the suggestions, I will certainly check them out.
we would only be looking for a consultant alright. we're a fairly competent bunch and can manage day to day things ourselves but could do with some expert help for the nitty gritty stuff.
best regards

jmke 19th January 2010 12:07

the two companies mentioned are those I've had personal experience with (both as consultant and as client of them); depending on the profile you're looking for, I'm sure they can be of assistance.

I wouldn't rule out the larger "fishes" out there either, might be a bit bigger, but they also do consultancy and pricing is very competitive in this economic climate.
if you already have a few capable colleagues who can help out with some daily administration, it would be a bit overkill to hire a dedicate person just for that, 10 PCs and a few servers can easily be managed remotely;

may I ask you why you chose to ask this kind of question on a hardware review site? ;-)

morgmel 19th January 2010 15:42


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 252623)
may I ask you why you chose to ask this kind of question on a hardware review site? ;-)

..I couldn't find a computer consultant review site.....;-)

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