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jmke 23rd December 2002 19:41

Merry Christmas & Happy NewYear!
:mad: times are A coming

just passing the message I got in the mail! :king:


Hi Everyone,

On behalf of all of us at MonkeyReview I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays.

Best Regards,

Chris Allen

Canada's Own PC Jungle

cR00zIFI><3r 23rd December 2002 19:56

jep, EVERYBODY have a merry christmas and a :MAD: newyear

with lots of new hardware and cool goodies and NO DOA !!!

:banana: :hello: :banana:

Dirty Harry 23rd December 2002 23:15

Hohohohoho, merrryyy x-mas

silencer 24th December 2002 10:05

a merry christmas and a happy newyear


TeuS 24th December 2002 10:59

yep, beste feesten

hopelijk arriveert da mobo vandaag nog en is het niet DOA
mot: net gearriveerd :super:

jmke 24th December 2002 16:13



With this small mail I would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy Newyear. We thank you for your support of the [MAD]Shrimps and hope you will join us in the year 2003 for even more Hardware reviews/howto's/ Prizes / Movies / Lanparties and much much more!

Take care!

Kind Regards,

JMke - John [M]

BlackRabbit 24th December 2002 17:17

Bon, den deze gaat gaan vertrekken

Merry Christmas allemaal
Tot binnenkort!:banana:

The Senile Doctor 24th December 2002 18:08

yeay, all the best wishes...

let us hope ati vs nvidia and intel vs amd gets so heated we pay 140 euro's for the rv450 and 85 euro for an amd Barton 3300+

RichBa5tard 24th December 2002 20:19


Merry christmass to you all! :)

biCker 25th December 2002 01:37

Best wishes to all of us

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