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agutter 18th May 2010 13:39

I looked down and...
saw that I have a small penis.
Why is that?

jmke 18th May 2010 14:58

thanks for sharing this info. I think however that the size of your penis is in direct correlation of how much spam you post in forums.

The more spam you post, the smaller it gets.

Massman 18th May 2010 16:35

Uptill now he made 1 spam post ... I don't know where you're getting at Jmke :p

jmke 18th May 2010 17:25

that's already 1cm of his already tiny sword ;)

Stefan Mileschin 18th May 2010 19:15

That is his first post on a forum like this?:D He should get insta-banned :)

jmke 18th May 2010 20:27

the original post was him pushing his stolen iphones ;)
but this is more fun :D

also now he appears in Google too :D

maybe there's hope for him though:

Stefan Mileschin 19th May 2010 07:12

I bet he will never come back :)

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