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jmke 7th January 2011 09:14

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I'll just put these here

geoffrey 7th January 2011 14:01

another addict :)

jmke 7th January 2011 15:19

where're the others? :)

geoffrey 7th January 2011 16:20


most of my soccer team player can't stop talking about GT, seems you even have the possibility to 'overclock' the Bugatti!

jmke 7th January 2011 17:01

The Veyron is definitely not the fastest real car available in that game:)
F1 McLaren with 888BHP weighing less than 800Kg is pretty quick... then there are Formula cars which go twice as fast... and to top it off an imaginary F1 car designed by RedBull called the X1 which does Nurburgring in less than 3min30 seconds

but that's just boring;:
the real world <600BHP cars are more fun to drive :)

Stefan Mileschin 7th January 2011 19:39

Played some GT5 with the PS3 controller and I can say it is really addictive; the License part of the game reminds me of Porsche 2000 Unleashed.

jmke 7th January 2011 20:23

it gets much better with a wheel, than you can disable all the assists :)

Stefan Mileschin 8th January 2011 06:27

Yep, I know, but I do not have one :)

geoffrey 8th January 2011 11:59

I was really thinking that vid was running in FF mode, until I noticed the time-bar... sick!

jmke 8th January 2011 12:34

but not too fun to drive;
the lesser powered cars are sometimes so much more enjoyable

like the Shelby Cobra vs R8 duel (4th pic first post), Shelby has more BHP, is RWD, but harder to handle, R8 less power, 4WD, but better on the road, end result is a very close race, after 5 laps the difference going over the finish line was less than 0.2 seconds :)

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