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=VET= M.I.K.E.Y 23rd March 2010 16:45

Campus Party 2010 @ Madrid
Since here (LAN) party 's may be posted soon and I to the campus party in Madrid thanks to John from Madshrimps may, I decided to check out an official post to make all interested to provide the necessary
info, so maybe I can in this way some new contacts?
I understand that there are other shrimp colleagues there were going
and would like to know who all correct?
maybe we can go in a group sounds like fun? ;-)

Voila, I have to this my first post on the site posted :-)
Aja for people who do not know me I am the winner of the
Intel Core I-7 Custom challenge (in subcategory "best off Belgium)
which took place late last year.
link ---->

I am therefore been recommended by John from MS to go to this campus party ;-)

THANK YOU JOHN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

For more information about "The campus Party @ madrid
link --->
It become a nice party there ;-)
Greetzzz M.I.K.E.Y

jmke 23rd March 2010 16:49

Hey Mikey, looking forward to reading about your experience in Spain :-)

Massman 23rd March 2010 16:56

I'm there to overclock :)

piotke 23rd March 2010 18:44

I'l there to hang around i

=VET= M.I.K.E.Y 24th March 2010 08:06

Hi gys nice to hear from you :-)
Do you also leave on the 14the april @ Charleroi airport?
i'ts gonna be my first time that i leave the ground lol :-)
(mag hier nederlands gesproken worden ook eigenlijk?)

Massman 24th March 2010 08:09

Alles mag, zolang het verstaanbaar is (waardoor West-Vlaams blijkbaar uitgesloten wordt).

Als ik het goed voorheb, vertrek ik de 14e van Zaventem.

piotke 24th March 2010 08:09

I haven't heard anything from my plain ticket yet. But I requested to leave from Zaventem, easier for me.

(Psst, merendeel van de bezoeker komt uit een land waar er geen Vlaams gesproken wordt ;-))

=VET= M.I.K.E.Y 24th March 2010 08:26

mmmmmm strange i leave from charleroi like you can see on these details
ach i see how it goes ;-)

Massman 24th March 2010 10:19

It's possible since the plain tickets might be arranged by different offices.

=VET= M.I.K.E.Y 24th March 2010 21:46

Today i get this mail,

Dear people (European selected Modders),

There are many the questions, doubts and some complaints about “sleeping in CP Europe”.

I hope you understand that this is a unique event with a top panel that will gives you the opportunity to network with hundreds of interesting talented people from the 27 European Union countries. WE are covering the plane tickets for all of you (800 hundred people) and there is not budget to cover accommodation other than the indoor camping (by the way many people love the idea and love the experience).

This does not mean that all of you have to spend the night in the venue, you are free to arrange you accommodation somewhere else (BUT this have to be covered by yourself). We are more than happy to help you showing you good choices for accommodation and I would like to highlight a great hostel (brand new) 5 minutes walking from the venue (15 euros each per night). I strongly recommend this option for all of you that DO Not want to sleep in the tents.

In case any of you want to go ahead with this option , you can do on line reservations in:

I hope this mail help you to decide whether if each of you want to sleep in the venue, hostel or anywhere else.

If you have any other questions, I will be glad to help.

I am looking forward to see you and live with all of you an unforgettable experience.

Best regards,

So I immediately booked a room for a few days, now everything appears to be complete full :-s
I gonna look for another hotel or just gonna sleep @ the party lol

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